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Lorena Bonner, Senior-Class-Poet Contestant: My Sonnet (I think it’s a sonnet?)

LorenaTo honor the University’s Senior-Class-Poet contestants and to commemorate National Poetry Month, the Library is publishing contestants’ poems on Falvey’s blog. The Library also has created posters for the contestants’ poems, which are displayed them throughout the first floor.

Each spring semester, all seniors are encouraged to enter the Senior-Class-Poet Contest. The Department of English will announce the 2013 Senior-Class Poet later this semester.


My Sonnet

(I think it’s a sonnet?)

by Lorena Bonner


I don’t really like poetry at all.

Please don’t compare me to a summer’s day,

Don’t serenade me about my smile,

Really, I just wouldn’t know what to say.


Don’t immortalize me with your clichés

about my eyes, or lips, or golden hair,

Thou knowest it would only make me squirm,

Or rush to a window, gasping for air.


Should you absolutely need to confess

a love you cannot hold within yourself,

then write and confess it to a book,

And when you finish, keep it on a shelf.


“My Sonnet” was one of my first attempts at writing poetry, when I had a slight distaste for it. I likened it to “cheesy” pick up attempts and so I attempted to turn poetry, and the sort of male gaze that goes along with certain poems, against itself. Not that I don’t love Shakespeare, but I think I had some of his now stereotypical sonnets in mind when I wrote it. Oh, and poetry has now grown on me a bit since my original dislike of it…

Lorena Bonner is an English major from Miami, Fla.



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