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Atchoo! available for proofreading

Atchoo!As mentioned in a previous post, we recently discovered some rare and fragile books in Falvey’s basement. As promised, the first of these titles is now available for online proofreading: Atchoo! Sneezes from a Hilarious Vaudevillian, which is essentially a stand-up comedy routine from 1903 transcribed to paper and peppered with illustrations. Needless to say, sensibilities have changed considerably since 1903, and some of the humor on display here is well outside the realm of political correctness. If you can stomach that, however, this is an interesting glimpse into the pop culture of an earlier era.

To learn more about the proofreading project and how you can help, see Proofreading the Digital Library.



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Last Modified: August 13, 2012

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