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SimplyMap Trail

Students working on projects involving siting a business, designing a marketing campaign, profiling the health status of a community or ranking congressional districts by religious conservative concentration  are likely to rejoice in our trial to Simplymap.

Simply map brings together data in an easy to use interface for mapping, ranking, and tabular report building.  The basic module includes Census data, FBI reports, National Climatic Data Center, Dun & Bradstreet company information and Bureau of Labor Statistics files whereas  premium modules include PRIZM market segmentation schemes, National Institute of Health surveys, MRI consumer surveys and Simmons consumer surveys.  Simplymap’s options for saving and sharing results works  for advanced geography researchers as well as it does for first year undeclared undergraduates; Results can be downloaded and saved as images, excel spreadsheets, PDF documents or shapefiles for further manipulation in GIS software.

To compare Simplymap to resources currently in our collection with similar data but limited functionality visit, SRDS Media Solutions Local Market Audience Analyst, MRI+ Internet Reporter and Statistical Datasets.  Check out my 2 minute video showing how to use Simplymap to compare 3 cities for theme park potential.   Don’t delay, the trial runs through April 20th.




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Last Modified: March 23, 2012

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