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Senior Project Series – Formatting in APA Style

We all know about APA rules for citing sources and creating a reference list, but it is important to remember that APA style also dictates the way you format and write your paper.  If your senior project involves an academic style paper, be sure to format it according to APA style.

Get familiar with the basics of APA style with their online tutorial.  For the official rules, see the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.  These resources will instruct you on formatting your margins, your title page, writing your abstract, and much more.

For questions that are not covered in these guides, try searching the APA Style Blog, or contact me for help.

If your project is being presented in some other format, such as a PowerPoint presentation, formatting rules are not likely to be covered by APA style rules.  This is because the purpose of the Publication Manual is to assist scholars preparing their manuscripts for publication in journals.

However, even in other formats, it is important to attribute the work of others, and APA citations may be appropriate.  Cite all references to the work of others, and be sure to attribute all images and other media to their original creators.  Please see the library’s guide to Academic Integrity for more information.

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