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ComAnalytics Now Available

Falvey Memorial Library is pleased to announce its recent subscription to ComAnalytics.  CIOS offers ComAnalytics as a way for Communication faculty and departments to assess and compare article publication productivity.

Also, congratulations to our Communication Department for its ranking as  a “Top Ten” department in the study of metaphor!

• ComAnalytics has the only system for calculating the prestige value of publication in a majority of the field’s scholarly journals. While no cross-institutional system for performance analysis can tell the whole story of faculty accomplishment, ComAnalytics provides baseline data that takes account of both quantity and quality of scholarly performance.

• ComAnalytics provides customizable assessments. Compare faculty performance to relevant baselines: other faculty with the same years in service, other faculty at programs granting the same degrees. Compare departments with the same number of faculty. Compare departments to selected peer institutions.

• ComAnalytics’ interactive environment allows subscribers to explore analyses and generate printed reports that can be submitted to administration as part of peer assessments and annual reviews.

Kristyna Carroll



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Last Modified: March 9, 2011

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