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Senior Project Series – Selecting a Topic

Congratulations to those seniors who completed their projects in the Fall!  For those of you working on your projects this Spring, keep an eye out for this series of helpful library tips.

Sometimes, getting started on a major project can be a significant hurtle.  The various paths you can take may feel overwhelming.  You’ll be working on your project all semester, so you need to make sure it is a topic you will enjoy.  And, you’re capstone project will need to be unique and thoughtful.

As you consider different topics for your project, use the E-Reference Resources in Communication to gather background information and find out more about that area of study.

For example, if you are considering a study of college students and mobile devices, take a look at the Handbook of Mobile Communication Studies.  Or, perhaps you are interested in studying Body Image in Girls and Young Women, which can be found in the Encyclopedia of Children, Adolescents and the Media.

E-Reference Resources can also be very useful when developing your research methodologies, or if you come across unknown terms or ideas as you perform your research.  For help with research methodologies, check out the Encyclopedia of Measurement and Statistics, the Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods, or the Sage Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods.

If you plan on performing a survey, the Encyclopedia of Survey Research Methods will be of use to you.

You are always welcome to contact me with library or research questions.  Good luck!

Kristyna Carroll



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