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Christmas in Communication

Wondering what communication scholars are thinking of during the Christmas season?  Here is a selection of articles found through searches of Communication & Mass Media Complete, Communication Abstracts, and Film & Television Index.


Esquire, 1949

Campbell, W.J. (2005).  The grudging emergence of American journalism’s classic editorial: new details about “Is There a Santa Claus?”American Journalism, 22(2), 41-61.

Clarke, P. (2007).  A measure for Christmas SpiritJournal of Consumer Marketing, 24(1), 8-17.

Kimura, J. & Belk, R. W. (2005).  Christmas in Japan: globalization verus localizationConsumption, Markets & Culture, 8(3), 325-338.

Krider, R.E. & Weinberg, C.B. (1998).  Competitive dynamics and the introduction of new products: the motion picutre timing gameJournal of Marketing Research, 35(1), 1-15.

Nathanson, P. (1993).  You can’t go home again…or can you? Reflections on the symbolism of TV families at ChristmastimeJournal of Popular Culture, 27(2), 149-161.

O’Cass, A. & Clarke, P. (2002).  Dear Santa, do you have my brand? A study of the brand requests, awareness and request styles at Christmas timeJournal of Consumer Behaviour, 2(1), 37-53.

Pawlowski, D.R., Thilborger, C. & Cieloha-Meekins, J. (2001).  Prisons, old cars, and Christmas trees: a metaphoric analysis of familial communicationCommunication Studies, 52(3), 180-197.

Ray, G., Maguire, K. & Poulsen, S. (2007).  Constructing and performing family identity: an analysis of American holiday lettersConference Papers — International Communication Association, 1.

Turner, L.J. (2005).  Elmo’s story: a ticklish media creationPublic Relations Review, 31(2), 297-299.

Tuten, T.L. & Kiecker, P. (2009).  The perfect gift card: an exploration of teenagers’ gift card associationsPsychology & Marketing, 26(1), 67-90.

Image retrieved from AdViews, a digital archive of thousands of vintage television commercials and advertisements dating from the 1950s to the 1980s from Duke University Libraries Digital Collections.


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