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Fetching Newspapers, Print and Online


While “dog days” normally refer to hot, humid weather (of which we have had far too much this summer), it is also the title of an eye-catching display that draws attention to Falvey’s newspaper collection.

Located on the kiosk near the library entrance, two posters invite the viewer to “Gaze in wonder at the 37 newspapers that Falvey receives in print,” “PAWS awhile, grab a paper over by the reference area,” and “… smell the flowers.”

Another poster tells you about the online newspapers available to library patrons.

Hanging above the kiosk are newspapers with headlines, “DOG DAYS ARE HERE!” and “DOG DAYS FULL OF BITE,” along with colorful cartoon dogs’ heads with newspapers in their mouths. As one sign notes, “We do not have a Falvey dog to bring your favorite newspaper to you, but …our Interlibrary Loan staff certainly does quite a bit of fetching!”

Judith Olsen, a reference librarian and Publications and Communication team leader, compiled the handout which lists and explains Falvey’s subscriptions to online newspapers. She and Bill Greene, Access and User Assistance, worked with display creator Joanne Quinn.

Be sure to check out the pet photographs of Buddy, Cody, Chalupa, Madison, Sammie, Maggie, Cara and Buffy, posted by our dog-loving staff!

By Alice Bampton



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Last Modified: August 18, 2010

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