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Falvey Scholars Present Their Research: From Hookah Smoking to Economic Helping Hands

Six Villanova students presented their senior projects during the eighth annual Falvey Scholars awards ceremony in Falvey Memorial Library on April 23 at 1:00 p.m. This annual program, established by the Library, recognizes outstanding undergraduate research. The collaborative efforts of the Library, the Honors Program and the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships make this program possible.

This year’s recipients represent all of the University’s undergraduate colleges, and each winner’s presentation highlighted the value of utilizing library resources and staff.

brittany-parisi2_nt_edtArtsBrittany Parisi (Political Science), “Evolving the Third Sector: The Convergence of Local and International Civil Society in India.” (Satya Pattnayak, Ph.D., faculty mentor)

christopher-mckay-1_edBusiness – Christopher McKay (Economics), “Equity vs. Efficiency: When is Lending a Helping Hand Being Too Helpful?” (Mary Kelly, Ph.D., faculty mentor)

susanmischinski1_edEngineering – Susan Mischinski (Engineering), “The Effect of Bone Microstructure on Crack Initiation and Propagation In Human Cortical Bone.” (Ani Ural, Ph.D., faculty mentor)

thompsonmoran2_edNursing – Ashley Thompson and Kelly Moran (Nursing), “Social Ecological Model to Address Hookah Smoking of Villanova Students.” (Ruth McDermott-Levy, Ph.D., RN, faculty mentor)

shreya-trivedi-1_edSciences – Shreya Trivedi (Biology), “Analysis of the role of inflammatory pathways on estrogen-induced uterine tissue remodeling in the ovariectomized immature rat.” (Louise Russo, Ph.D., faculty mentor).

“This program is exciting and rewarding for the Library; it allows us to experience the intellectual work of our outstanding students,” said Joe Lucia, director of Falvey Memorial Library.

This year’s winners were chosen from a group of candidates-either an individual Villanova University senior or a group of seniors- working together with the faculty adviser for their senior thesis or capstone project. The candidates were then selected by the Falvey Scholars Selection Committee, comprised of representatives from each of the collaborating departments.

Digital copies of the winning papers are maintained in the Villanova Digital Library.

Compiled by Akua K. Adoo, Publications and Communication intern; photographs by Alice Bampton, Laura Hutelmyer and Natalie Tomasco



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