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Spotlight on Native American History

indianpolicyFalvey recently acquired the online edition of the Encyclopedia of U.S. Indian Policy and Law. Edited by Paul Finkelman and Tim Garrison and published in 2009 by CQ Press, this encyclopedia examines the history and impact of U.S. relations with Native Americans. Entries cover many topics relating to U.S./Native American relations, from history, politics, and sociology to civil rights and culture. The first volume includes eight overview chapters over U.S. Indian policy starting with the Indian policy of the Continental Congress. Entries cover a wide variety of topics from The Census to Environment and Environmental Protection. All entries are signed and include recommended readings and cross-references. Maps, statistics and documents such as the Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act from 1990 can be found in the appendices. The Quick Search feature can be used to locate keywords anywhere in the full text of the online encyclopedia.

Related online reference materials in the Falvey collection:
American Indian Culture: A survey Native American history from ancient times to the twentieth century edited by Carole Barrett and published by Salem Press in 2003. (2 vols.)
American Indian History: Edited by Carole Barrett and Harvey Markovitz and published in 2004 by Salem Press. (3 vols.)
American Indian Tribes: Edited by R. Rasmussen and published by Salem Press in 1995. (2 vols.)

Related print titles:
Chronology of Native North American History
Tiller’s Guide to Indian Country
Atlas of the North American Indian
Native America in the Twentieth Century
Biographical Dictionary of American Indian History to 1900

All of these titles can be found with the help of the Library’s catalog. Online titles are also listed on the e-reference history page and on the history subject guide.
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