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Catholic Research Resources Alliance Portal: A Way to Discover Hidden Treasures

In 2009 Falvey Memorial Library joined other Catholic university libraries in the Catholic Research Resources Alliance which has developed a free online research portal for scholars interested in the Catholic Church, particularly Catholic-related items held in the United States. Unlike some other fields of research that are cross-disciplinary in nature there has never been an effort, until now, to identify collectively what may be called Catholica.

Catholic studies in America have certainly grown a great deal as a locus for scholarly research in the last couple of decades, and now libraries, rather than creating a single repository, are working together to use current tools and technology to enhance methods for discoveringĀ  primary source material.

The intent is to aid researchers and students to do the kind of ferreting out of lesser known or little used publications and manuscripts related to the Catholicism. As one focus group member said, “In a decentralized community like Catholic higher education, being able to discover the treasures hidden away in libraries and archives is very desirable.”

For more information, see the Blue Electrode blog on the CRRA.

by Darren Poley



  1. Comment by jtippe01 — February 18, 2010 @ 1:48 AM

    Once you find the book on the site, how do you go about taking it out? InterLibrary Loan?

  2. Comment by Darren Poley — February 25, 2010 @ 12:38 PM

    The purpose of the CRRA Portal is to allow researchers to know what is out there. As a discovery tool, it, for now, only aids one in identifying and locating materials. Inter-Library Loan would still be the primary way for getting things.

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