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"The Weight is Over," a New Documentary by Leonard Shyles, Ph.D.

lenshylesDr. Shyles, an associate professor in the communication department,  shared his ideas on the impact of the American diet on individual health and on the soaring cost of health care. A presentation of the documentary and discussion took place on Tuesday, Nov. 10 in Falvey Memorial Library’s first floor lounge.

His latest video, “The Weight is Over,” presents the personal story of Debra Weinstein, a 35-year veteran health professional, who discovered the advantages of a pre-agricultural diet on her health. The video also illustrates the power of television to educate citizens about how they may improve their quality of life by offering a solution to a severe and widespread life-threatening problem.

“The Weight is Over” introduces the idea that controlling our general health through proper diet will reduce the financial pressure on our health care system. Dr. Shyles proposes that the money saved on health problems caused by a poor diet, such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes, can then be used for medical research on other chronic diseases.

It is hoped that this program will spark conversation and deepen perspectives about the current national health care debate, the bills before Congress, the soaring costs of health care insurance and the economic implications of passing proposed legislation for reform.

Dr Shyles, author of the books The Art of Video Production and Deciphering Cyberspace, has taught at Villanova University for 20 years. He teaches Media and Technology and Theories of Mass Communications, as well as being an advisor for the Senior Project capstone course.

By Akua K. Adoo, Publications & Communication intern



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