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The Owl

The latest addition to the Villanova Digital Collection is The Owl. This student magazine published by Phi Kappa Pi, the Engineering Honor Society, highlighted student life and activities in the engineering community at Villanova from 1925 to 1933. In 1933 the title changed to The Villanova engineer. Currently online are the first two volumes with more to be added soon.

In addition to articles about new engineering projects in the Delaware Valley, The Owl carried news about students and engineering alumni. Photographs taken by engineering students are featured in most issues and show the vibrant and energetic Villanova, then college not university, campus of the 1920s. Sport also figures in many issues with photographs of athletic events and athletes, and a score roundup in most issues.

Here are photographs of the annual Engineer’s Banquet from the Spring of 1927, and engineering professors out of the classroom:



As can be seen in the following cartoons which are included in most issues, many highly talented and creative students produced The Owl. For example, in the “Snapshots of Tech Life”, students are whimsically portrayed in romantic scenes under the rubric of the serious “Astronomical Absurdities”.



Villanova student engineers were involved in drafting plans for the future development of campus as can be noted in this illustration taken from a published engineering study of a proposed new athletic field in the space where the Pavillion now rests.




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Last Modified: March 20, 2009

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