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Feedback Friday: Will you be sleeping or sunbathing?

Will you be sleeping or sunbathing on Spring break?

Building houses? Catching up with old friends? Skiing with your family?

Tell us in the comments!



  1. Comment by CM Carlisle — February 27, 2009 @ 9:20 AM

    Writing my senior thesis. All sixty pages of it.

  2. Comment by Joseph Mangano — March 19, 2009 @ 2:45 PM

    “A little bit about my habitat trip: a small story about our troubles getting to the habitat center.”

    We were driving up the mountains, all nineteen of us in three vans. Light was fading as the hours were passing by. The GPS was telling us where to go and we thought everything was alright. But we would soon find out that that GPS would be the death of us, yet also our saving grace. While driving to find the habitat center that we would be spending our week at, the GPS told us to turn left onto a questionable/rocky side road. Instantly eyebrows were “raised” as people looked around and asked themselves “is this possibly correct?” But no one dared not to trust the GPS, so we continued up the rocky road, up the side of the mountain, up up and away, until we eventually got stuck. Yes, we got stuck, all three vans could not move anymore, and we couldn’t possibly drive the vans backwards?? Our leaders got us together and we all decided to head towards civilization, towards the last house we saw down the mountains. We were walking, an hour passed, but during that hour we all became close to each other, and learned everything we possibly could about each other. Suddenly, after an hour walking, we saw the house, two people went up to the door, and what happened next was something close to spectacular. A man stepped outside (I believe his name was Keith), and as soon as he heard our story he was more than willing to help. So a couple of us, including me, went up to the cars with Keith. He was an amazing person, somehow we were able to turn the vans around and drive back down. The experience wasn’t as simple as that however,it took us hours of work, and there were plenty of times that if a van moved about an inch more, it would have gone over the mountain. Through his direction, however, we were able to get down, and safely. When going back down the mountain in the van, I had the pleasure of talking to Keith and he said something I will probably always remember for the rest of my life, “The good Lord put us on this good earth to help one another.” From that point on, I think my frame of mind changed from one of dread to happiness. At first I was looking at getting stuck in the mountains as some type of hell, but it turned out to be heaven (in a sense).

    (Posted on behalf of Joseph Mangano)

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