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"Jesus for President": Authors Call for Creativity, Faith and Activism

They called the lecture “Jesus for President, Unplugged, Librarian Style,” and while authors Chris Haw and Shane Claiborne discussed their book Jesus for President, the Psalter Singers injected the lecture with refugee-inspired songs.

The lecture, an adaptation of their lecture presented on tour in 21 cities last summer, focused on imagination, creativity and alternative ideas in everyday life. Drawing from their book, Claiborne explained how “Jesus was teaching not just a way of believing, but a way of living.” The authors reiterated the need for human beings themselves to be the answer for what they want in the world, and urged people to live out their opinions everyday.

Referring to the national elections, Claiborne encouraged the audience to have a political imagination and to “be peculiar around election times.” “There’s a third way, something different,” he explained, “Christian, not Democrat or Republican.”

Haw is currently pursuing a graduate degree in theology from Villanova University. He studies, teaches and hosts conferences on “new monasticism,” a subject in which he examines the connection of challenges like post-industrial ecology, economic redistribution, dissolution of community life in America, biblical formation and ecumenical dialogue.

Claiborne is a well-known activist, speaker, and writer. He is one of the founding members of “The Simple Way,” a community of faith in inner-city Philadelphia.

The Psalter Singers are a diverse group of musicians who have, through songs, messages, and musical techniques, devoted themselves to rethinking the foundations of Christian worship.

The event took place on Wed., Oct. 29 in the first floor lounge of Falvey.



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