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  • Posted Date: September 30, 2010
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Creating a personal login for EBSCO Host has lots of great benefits!

Get more organized with a personal log-in account through MyEBSCO Host!

  • – Create folders for collected saved citations
  • – Save useful searches or your search history
  • – Create search alerts
  • – Create journal alerts
  • – Share folders with other researchers or group members

Never lose useful records to a lost internet connection or session timeout again!  With MyEBSCO Host you can also establish personal preferences for interface language, results display, and citation format.

Since Communication & Mass Media Complete, Communication Abstracts, and Film & Television Literature Index are all now available through the EBSCO platform, as well as many more databases across various disciplines, this feature is becoming increasingly useful.



Kristyna Carroll
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E-book Summit: Wednesday

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  • Posted Date: September 28, 2010
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The Falvey Library Professional Development Committee invites you to attend a virtual summit hosted by Library Journal on eBooks on Wednesday, September 29 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the instruction room. Highlights of the program include:

  • *An address by Ray Kurzweil, inventor of the optical character recognition, voice recognition programs and music synthesizer and author of many books on how to live a long, healthy life
  • *Panel on how Ebooks impact libraries
  • *Discussion of the academic track on the Google book settlement.

Cookies and beverages will be served. For additional information:

If you have questions, please contact: linda.hauck@villanova.edu


The Rise of the News Aggregator

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  • Posted Date: September 27, 2010
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Full report available from SSRN

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society have released a report by Kimberley Isbell titled, “The Rise of the News Aggregator: Legal Implications and Best Practices.”  The full report is available for download from SSRN.

During the past decade, the Internet has become an important news source for the majority of Americans. According to a study conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, as of January 2010, nearly 61% of Americans got at least some of their news online in a typical day. This increased reliance on the Internet as a source of news has coincided with declining profits in the traditional media and the shuttering of newsrooms in communities across the country. Some commentators look at this confluence of events and assert that, in this case, correlation equals causation – the Internet is harming the news business.

One explanation for the decline of the traditional media that some, including News Corporation owner Rupert Murdoch and Associated Press Chairman Dean Singleton, have seized upon is the rise of the news aggregator. According to this theory, news aggregators from Google News to The Huffington Post are free-riding, reselling and profiting from the factual information gathered by traditional media organizations at great cost. Murdoch has gone so far as to call Google’s aggregation and display of newspaper headlines and ledes “theft.” As the traditional media are quick to point out, the legality of a business model built around the monetization of third-party content isn’t merely an academic question – it’s big business. Revenues generated from online advertising totaled $23.4 billion in 2008 alone.

But for all of the heated rhetoric blaming news aggregators for the decline of journalism, many are still left asking the question: are news aggregators violating current law?

This white paper attempts to answer that question by examining the hot news misappropriation and copyright infringement claims that are often asserted against aggregators, and to provide news aggregators with some “best practices” for making use of third-party content.

Choose One-Click Download to download a PDF of the full report.

Kristyna Carroll
Research Support Librarian


Upcoming Library Events

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  • Posted Date: September 16, 2010
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There are several exciting library events approaching!

Want to know who the next president will be?  Lara Brown has some ideas, today at 4:00pm in the Falvey cafe/lounge.


Falvey Library Open House – Students can enter to win an iPad, Kindle, or Sony Reader!


Dr. Mercedes Julia will be discussing her new book!


Need some business skills?  These workshops are offered in Bartley Hall!  Communication majors may be especially interested in the workshop on advertising, offered October 18th and 20th.



Kristyna Carroll
Research Support Librarian


New Books at Falvey

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  • Posted Date: September 8, 2010
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New Books!

Start off the new semester with some new titles at Falvey Library!  Some are hot off the presses while others were requested by you.  Here are some highlights:

Book cover

Quantitative research methods for communication: a hands-on approach
by Jason S. Wrench
New York: Oxford University Press, 2008

katefieldKate Field: the many lives of a nineteenth-century American journalist
by Gary Scharnhorst
New York: Syracuse University Press, 2008

fundingjournalismFunding journalism in the digital age: business models, strategies, issues and trends
by Jeff Kaye and Stephen Quinn
New York: Peter Lang, 2010

politicsdemandPolitics on demand: the effects of 24-hour news on American politics
by Alison Dagnes
Santa Barbara, Calif: Praeger, 2010

glassceilingsGlass ceilings and 100-hour couples: what the opt-out phenomenon can teach us about work and family
by Karine Moe and Dianna Shandy
Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2010

dynamicsintergroupcommThe dynamics of intergroup communication
edited by Howard Giles, Scott Reid, Jake Harwood
New York: Peter Lang, 2010

Also see the full list of new books in communication.



Image (c) Microsoft

Can’t make it into the library?  The library has also acquired some great e-books for you!

The dynamics of persuasion communication and attitudes in the 21st century
by Richard M. Perloff
Hoboken: Taylor & Francis, 2010

Handbook of implicit social cognition: measurement, theory, and applications
edited by Bertram Gawronski, B. Keith Payne
New York: Guilford Publications, Inc., 2010

Also check out the full list of new e-books for communication.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for?  Don’t forget about the library’s interlibrary loan services.  And, suggestions for new books or resources are always welcome!

Kristyna Carroll
Research Support Librarian



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