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BioDigital Human

  • Posted by: Robin Bowles
  • Posted Date: March 12, 2012
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BioDigital Human is the latest in interactive, detailed maps of the human body available on the Internet. This free web tool centers around a static model of a human figure beginning with just a skeleton visible which can be rotated and scaled to view from any angle. You can control the visibility of not just the many top level systems (skeletal, digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, and many others) but also the individual components of those systems down to the individual muscles, organs, and nerves on the right and left sides.

BioDigital Human Screenshot

With the dissection tool you can remove just the muscles that are in your way while leaving the rest visible.

Each piece can be highlighted, has a label of its full name with an audio pronunciation and an information window with links to related conditions from Medline Plus and further anatomical information from Wikipedia. A search box allows you to search for a structure by name so if you don’t remember where the pronator quadratus muscle is it quickly gives you the choice of left or right before making the muscle visible and zooming to its location.

The viewer also provides tools like “dissection mode” which allows you to remove structures one at a time, delving into the body from the outside in, an “x-ray” view that shows all structures transparently allowing you to see through them to what lies beneath, and isolation view that temporarily singles out a structure you have highlighted without losing your other visible structures.

Using these tools you can easily create your own personalized views with the exact choice of structures visible and angle of view. You can even “bookmark” these views for later and view bookmarks others have made public as well as take snapshots of interesting views that can be saved to your computer for later.

Today the BioDigital Human tool is in a free Beta testing mode and free for anyone to use. You can find it at http://www.biodigitalhuman.com using either the Firefox or Chrome web browser.

MORE NEWS: Falvey Membership to Hindawi Benefits Villanova Scholarly Community


Falvey Membership to Hindawi Benefits Villanova Scholarly Community

Open Access Logo

Falvey Memorial Library is pleased to have an institutional membership to Hindawi Publishing Corporation. Launched in 1997, Hindawi publishes a growing number of open access journals in engineering, medicine and the sciences, and now includes Nursing Research and Practice, as well as social sciences titles such as Journal of Anthropology and Urban Studies Research. A complete list of current Hindawi titles is available at the company’s website.

So what is open access (OA)? In the words of SPARC researcher Peter Suber, “Open Access is a publishing model that provides immediate, worldwide, barrier-free access to the full text of research articles without requiring a subscription to the journal in which these articles are published.” (Read more about open access here.) Publication costs are usually covered by the authors, the author’s institution or research funds. The OA business model facilitates the rapid sharing of scholarly research. It also offers an alternative to traditional subscription-based journal publishing, whose ever -soaring costs threaten to consume academic library budgets.

Because of Falvey’s institutional membership, the processing fee will be waived for all Villanova University authors whose articles are accepted for publication in Hindawi journals. (Please note that this fee waiver applies to articles submitted on or after February 15, 2012, the starting date of the library’s institutional membership).

Articles submitted to Hindawi journals undergo the same rigorous peer-review process as those submitted to subscription-access journals. In addition, many Hindawi titles are part of the International Scholarly Research Network (ISRN), a series of peer-reviewed, open-access journals with a 28-day review cycle.

For a list of Villanova University scholars participating in Hindawi journals as authors, editors, and reviewers, visit http://www.hindawi.com/institutions/villanova.edu/



Last Modified: March 12, 2012