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Class of 2019 – How They’ve Experienced Our World

Class of 2019 members always lived in a world in which—

– roving probes from Earth have searched the surface of Mars 2015 - 08 Aug - class of 2019 Mars-rover

– WIFI has connected computers and mobile devices to the Internet

– wiki sites have allowed visitors to change, contribute to or correct those websites

– the terms girl power, laser pen, e-learning, webinar and Emoji have been a part of our lexicon.

Class of 2019 members have probably never—

– used a physical road map (much less had to fold one up after reading it!)

2015 - 08 Aug - road map 1990

– traveled without a phone in the car
2015 - 08 Aug - class of 2019 de-icer 2

– needed de-icer to unlock their car in the winter

– surfed the web using Netscape Navigator

– used a film camera, much less had to wait till the film had been developed before seeing their photos
2015 - 08 Aug - class of 2019 Photo Mat

Popular toysThese millennials may have collected a set of SpongeBob SquarePants toys or characters from Monsters Inc.—included in fast-food children’s meals. At Christmastime, many of them received Bratz fashion dolls or a Robosapien toy robot.

Our campus 18 years agoThe year most Class of 2019 members were born (1997), the campus at Villanova looked different.

Although the CEER: Center for Engineering Education and Research was being constructed that year, the following buildings had not yet been built:

Farley Hall (residence hall, 2000),
Gallen Hall (residence hall, 2000),
Jackson Hall (residence hall, 2000),
St. Clare Hall (residence hall, 2000),
Health Services Building and its Parking Garage (2002),
Structural Engineering Teaching and Research Laboratory (2005),
Davis Center (2007),
Driscoll Hall (2008), and
School Of Law and its Parking Garage (2009).

Also, the University had yet to acquire the Villanova Conference Center (1998).

2015 - 08 Aug - class of 2019 Campus map - newest
What’s missing from this list?
Certainly you could add examples not included on this list. Please share your own ideas/observations about the Class of 2019 in our Comment section.

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The Curious ‘Cat: What do you look forward to?

Curious Cat

This week, the Curious ‘Cat asks Villanova students, “What do you look forward to this semester?

RS9838_DSC_3721-scrCaitlin St. Amour—“I’m starting law school, so it’s going to be a whole different way to go to school, different kind of classes. So I’m looking forward to really starting learning about what I want to do—if that makes sense—as opposed to undergrad classes, which were so broad. So that’s what I’m excited for: to actually start what I’m going to be doing [as a career].”





Danielle Morro—“I’m going to start grad school here in a week, for school counseling. So I’m looking forward to that. And probably most specifically, I have an internship placement within a classroom setting, so I’m excited to get some experience within the classroom and learn through some hands-on experience.”





Mary Connors—“It’s my first semester of law school, so I look forward to meeting everyone and making new friends. And that’s probably what I most look forward to. … I have a great story now on my first day!”








Mary McLaughlin—“Well, it’s my senior year, so that’s kind of nerve-wracking but also very exciting. I guess I’m looking forward to—I’m working this summer and also taking classes—so having that balance and putting [into] practical use what I’m learning. I’m getting deeper into classes that are more specific to my major and more specific to what I want to do within my major. I’m marketing and international business, so a lot of my classes are going to have overlap between the two, which is exciting. And also just doing all the things I can do one last time.”


Sydney Riley—“I’m excited to meet a bunch of new people, especially—I haven’t met my roommates yet, so I’m excited to meet them. I come all the way from Seattle, so it’s going to be very interesting to get used to the east coast culture. I’m a freshman, so I’m excited to be away from home and be independent. I think that’s what I’m looking forward to the most.”





Zachary Schlake— “I guess I’m looking forward to meeting my friends again and seeing them and just kind of getting back to hanging out with my friends that are here. … I’m going to be a junior.”


Falvey Memorial Library welcomes new faculty members to Villanova

Falvey Memorial Library welcomed all new faculty members to Villanova to a breakfast reception this morning. If you are a faculty member who was unable to attend, we’re reprinting the general handout that was provided here, which gives a brief rundown of key contact information and services (double click graphic for expanded view). Contact us anytime if you have any further questions or suggestions for library staff.




Does Falvey Memorial Library have the textbook for my course?


Q—Does Falvey Memorial Library have the textbook for my course?

A—The Library usually does not buy textbooks for current courses.*

Reason #1—Expense: new editions are often published in a year or so, rendering the textbook we would have purchased obsolete.

Reason #2—Competition: The Library doesn’t want to be in competition with the campus bookstore.

Reason #3—Fairness: Someone could borrow the Library’s copy of a textbook and keep it for semester, preventing everyone else from accessing the textbook.

Please use this strategy: Search our catalog—If the textbook you need is not in Falvey’s catalog, you may be able to borrow one from another library using the E-ZBorrow system.

(hint: Your “Patron ID” to log onto E-ZBorrow is your 16-digit Wildcard number)

E-ZBorrow-member libraries may sometimes be willing to lend a textbook, but InterLibrary Loan libraries will not.

* Library staff, however, have begun to explore ways that Falvey can better meet our students’ need for textbooks. Keep checking this blog for updates.


Villanova community invited to submit family photos for Welcome Pope Francis Display


To celebrate the visit of Pope Francis to Philadelphia and the World Meeting of Families – Philadelphia 2015, Joanne Quinn, Falvey’s graphic designer, created the “Welcome Pope Francis” window exhibit. The World Meeting of Families, an international conference on the family, meets September 22-25. Pope Francis will visit Philadelphia September 26-27.

In the spirit of the World Meeting of Families congress that precedes the Pope’s visit, Villanova students, faculty and staff are invited to share their family photographs with the University community by including them in the window display. You have two ways to participate: bring in a copy of the photograph and hang it on the window or post the photograph on social media with the hashtag #FalveyFamily (Falvey Memorial Library is on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook).

Quinn asks participants to submit copies, not original photographs; the photographs will not be returned. She adds, “Submission of a photo implies your permission to use images on library social media accounts, displays and publications.” You may submit photos now; this is your chance to be part of a world-wide celebration of families.

A large banner welcoming Pope Francis flanked by a “big head” portrait of the pope leads the viewer into the display. Two posters inviting people to “Celebrate your family,” a large poster displaying “The World Meeting of Families Philadelphia 2015 Official Prayer” and accompanying official image, two papal flags and assorted books about Pope Francis and other popes complete the exhibit. A large open space is for the family photos. Kallie Stahl, Outreach student employee, assisted with the design and mounting of the display.

This eye-catching exhibit is in the large window to the left of the entrance to Falvey’s Holy Grounds, visible to anyone entering the Library. The exhibit will be up until the end of October.


Article by Alice Bampton.


‘Caturday: Falvey Wildcats in Action

Wet booksWhen a water pipe broke unexpectedly in Old Falvey Hall very early on Wednesday morning, the entire library staff and several University departments quickly mobilized to move the books, cover the stacks, clean up the water, repair the leak, and to keep regular library services operating smoothly. Students, library staff, the library director, custodians — everyone worked side by side. There was damage to a small percentage of books, but hundreds, if not thousands, were moved out of harm’s way.  It was the perfect example of Wildcat teamwork in action at Falvey!



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FotoFriday: Band(s) on the Run


Laura Hutelmyer is the photography coordinator for the Communication and Service Promotion team and special acquisitions coordinator in Resource Management

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Introducing Falvey Memorial Library’s Scholarship Open Access Reserve (SOAR) Fund


Falvey Memorial Library’s Scholarship Open Access Reserve (SOAR) Fund

Falvey Memorial Library has committed to support open access journal publication in the 2015-16 fiscal year with the Scholarship Open Access Reserve (SOAR) Fund.  This program is designed to provide financial support to Villanova faculty who are interested in publishing in high quality open access journals.  Faculty may be eligible to have article processing fees incurred publishing in open access journals paid by Falvey Memorial Library.

In the grand scheme of scholarly publishing, open access journals are a relatively new development.  Unlike conventional journals disseminated by paid subscriptions, open access journals make articles freely available to all without paywall barriers.  The emergence and expansion of open access journals have the potential to significantly improve access to new ideas and thinking for scholars and students while acting as a moderating force on exponential library journal price increases.  However, for faculty doing research not funded by grants or gifts that cover article processing charges, publication in open access journals can be prohibitively expensive.  This is where Falvey Memorial Library’s SOAR Fund can help promote both open access and research at Villanova.

Who:  Full- time (tenure and non-tenure track) Villanova faculty are eligible.

What: Falvey Memorial Library may pay up to $2000 in article processing fees on behalf of faculty for an accepted article’s publication in an open access journal.   Sponsored research covered by grants or gifts that provide for article processing fees are exempt.

Where:  Publication in true, sometimes called gold, open access journals are qualified.  Journals that accept article processing fees on the article level to enhance access will not be considered.  Falvey Memorial Library Resource Council will assess targeted journals based on additional quality criteria before granting funding.

Why: By nurturing open access publishing Falvey Memorial Library aspires to support the University’s commitment to a just dissemination of knowledge

When: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with total funding capped at $10,000 in the 2015-2016 budget.

How: Visit the Open Access Fund Pilot Program page, read the Terms and Conditions and apply!

imagesArticle by Linda Hauck, MS, MBA, business librarian and team coordinator for the Business Research team.


The Highlighter: How many times can I renew a Falvey book?


Want to renew books online? … or learn how many renewals remain? This video shows how to access your library account and accomplish those tasks. (Enable Closed Captioning for silent viewing):

For additional “How to” videos, click the “Help” button on Falvey’s homepage.


‘Caturday: Podcasting Wildcats

novanation logoHey, NovaNation! Want to know who else is podcasting on campus?

Take a look at the podcast posts on our blog this week, then jump over to some of the links below.

The Villanova University channel on College Sports Live is getting ready for a year of on demand podcasts of Villanova games!

There are some excellent podcasts on Sports Law from The Jeffrey S. Moorad Center for the Study of Sports Law at the Villanova School of Law.

And don’t miss the Villanova University lecture and event podcasts on iTunes U.

vu itunes








If you’re thinking of creating your own podcasts, check out the resources offered by UNIT on the University website. They also have some helpful podcasting FAQs.

podcasting bookWant more help? The Library has current print and online resources about “do it yourself” podcasting.


‘Caturday post by Luisa Cywinski, editorial coordinator on the Communication & Service Promotion team and team leader of Access Services.


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