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End-of-Term Prep Tips: Chicago Style Workshops

chicago manual of style

Are you working on a final project or paper that requires Chicago Style formatting? Attend one of these helpful sessions to brush up before your deadline.

Sessions will be held in Falvey 204 in the second-floor Learning Commons.

Monday, April 14:  4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Wednesday, April 23:  4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Tuesday, April 29:  4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

For more information, contact history liaison librarian Jutta Seibert.


Nkiruka Umegbolu: Class of 2014 Creative Writing Awards contestant

Nkiruka poem photoTo honor the University’s Class of 2014 Creative Writing Awards, the Library is publishing contestants’ poems or prose excerpts on Falvey’s blog. The Library also has created posters for the contestants’ poems or prose excerpts, which will be displayed throughout the library’s first floor.

This year the contest includes both poetry and prose (in previous years it was “the Senior-Class-Poet Contest”). The Department of English will announce the Class of 2014 Creative Writing Awards winners later this month.

“Retail Therapy”
Nkiruka Umegbolu

Jesus wept
As I walked
Through the revolving doors
Made a LEFT
Wait no
Two more RIGHT(s)
Down the escalator
Around the corner
Is the LEFT I was referring to earlier
The premature LEFT
Like when girls hit puberty
Before boys grow pubic hair
Ages 9-13
Aisle 14
& Renovation
My Barbie Dream House
& The Pink Glam Corvette
That I will always drive
To the job I will never have
Barbie I Can Be…
Anything , Trademarked & Copyrighted….
But only the
Beautiful Fairy
Dolls are in stock
Before we entered
Mother explicitly stated
But I wanted to Have-It-All
So I Bought-Them-All
Fast forward…parking lot
Despair, Fatigue, Pain, Aggression
Buyer’s Remorse?
c. All of the Above

Nkiruka Umegbolu, a Class of 2014 Creative Writing Awards contestant, says “I know the poem is finished when I enjoy reading it aloud each and every time.”

Like this poem? Come to the Open Mic Poetry ReadingWed., April 23, 12 – 1 p.m. and you may get to hear this author read her poems. You’re also welcome to share your own. 


Foto Friday: In a word …

Complete poem can be found hanging on the first floor of Falvey Library.

Complete poem is displayed on the first floor of Falvey Memorial Library. Don’t miss it!

Laura Hutelmyer is the photography coordinator for the Communication and Publications Team and Special Acquisitions Coordinator in Resource Management





What’s that New Desk for in The Learning Commons?

Second floor service deskThe new Learning Commons Service Desk has opened on Falvey’s second floor. The Library has recognized the need for a service point in the Learning Commons to help library patrons locate resources, people and places. Falvey’s Information and Research Assistance team, whose mission is “to serve the Villanova community by connecting members and visitors with the resources necessary to achieve their learning and research goals while developing their information-seeking skills,” has assigned two of its team members to staff this new desk.

Information Services Specialists Donna Chadderton and Gerald Dierkes will be happy to—

  • Connect you with a research librarian,
  • Direct you to the print and online resources you seek
  • And get you answers for your questions.

Donna and Gerald staff the desk Monday through Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Stop by and say “Hi.”

Photo taken by Alice Bampton, digital image specialist and senior writer on the Communication and Service Promotion team.


Joe Steadman: Class of 2014 Creative Writing Awards contestant

Joe Steadman poem photo

Joe Steadman

To honor the University’s Class of 2014 Creative Writing Awards, the Library is publishing contestants’ poems or prose excerpts on Falvey’s blog. The Library also has created posters for the contestants’ poems or prose excerpts, which will be displayed throughout the library’s first floor.

This year the contest includes both poetry and prose (in previous years it was “the Senior-Class-Poet Contest”). The Department of English will announce the Class of 2014 Creative Writing Awards winners later this month.

“Wild Onions and Golden Arms”
Joe Steadman

Drank the venom,
Spat dry its gold.
Cues up on the wall,
Eyes down to the night,
The up-down hours fell on us all.

Embraced sidewalks,
Each step its grace.
Human buildings idled,
Some stumbled the street,
Our lives we paused to stalk.

Our moon hovered,
City stars hid.
The dull buzz glowed,
Street lights and bar signs,
“24 hours, Polish to go.”

We breathed salt and beer,
Whispered gros mots and fear,
When we grew up in Chicago.

Joe Steadman, a Class of 2014 Creative Writing Awards contestant, says “‘Wild Onions and Golden Arms’ is a painting of many nights I spent with Chicago, my friends from Chicago, and late night Chicago fare. I tried to make a pretty picture with words to show how each detail contributes to the action of the night, and how a young man’s wandering mind is very much part of that action.”

Joe Steadman is a French and political science major from Chicago, Illinois. He enjoys going to baseball games, reading Chicago authors and grilling with his friends in Ardmore.

Like this poem? Come to the Open Mic Poetry Reading, Wed., April 23, 12 – 1 p.m. and you may get to hear this author read his poems. You’re also welcome to share your own. 

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How Suite it is! You and your ‘peeps’ can win private meeting-room usage during Finals Week!


Finding a quiet place to study on campus during Finals Week can be a challenge and the difference between an A and a, well, you know, blech. With our traditional Open Until 3am extended hours beginning, Monday, April 28, the Library is sensitive to students’ needs. But this year we are planning something extra special for one lucky group: a week’s use of an exclusive meeting room in our new Learning Commons – a venue usually reserved only for library events and meetings!

How to enter? Simply take a photograph of you and your ‘peeps’ and upload it to one of the library’s social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #falveypeeps. One lucky group will be selected randomly from all photographs submitted! That group (up to ten students) will be allowed access to Room 206 in the Learning Commons from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. each night from Sunday, May 4, through Thursday, May 8.  Peace, quiet, whiteboards and some sweet deliveries while you’re there (wink, wink!) – it doesn’t get any better than that!

Rules? Not a lot – just have fun! Creativity doesn’t count with this one – we know you’re super busy these days!! And who qualifies as your peeps? That’s totally up to you – but it is Easter time, and we do have a sweet tooth. Just sayin’.



Submit your photos, either in-person or at Falvey’s main service counter or electronically, by noon on Wednesday, April 30. Winners will be notified on Thursday, May 1 by email and will have their winning photo published on our blog! Submission of a photo grants use of the photo on library social media accounts and promotional displays and materials.


DA FINE PRINT: Contest is open to full- or part-time students enrolled in the spring 2014 semester at Villanova University. Limit of five entries per student. Photos submitted must be original to the entrant and have been legally created; must not not infringe the intellectual property, privacy, or publicity rights or any other legal or moral rights of any third party; and must be suitable for public viewing, i.e., not indecent or obscene. By submitting an entry, an entrant represents that he/she owns all rights to the photo. And other things, too, that we might not have thought of yet! :-)

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Lisa Sewell, PhD, Expands Poster Event to Include Student Prose


Lisa Sewell and Alan Drew

Since 2006, Lisa Sewell, PhD, associate professor in the Department of English; director of programming, Gender and Women’s Studies; and faculty editor-in-chief of CONCEPT, an Interdisciplinary Journal of Graduate Studies, has collaborated with Falvey Memorial Library to hold an open-mic poetry reading. A well-published poet with several books of her poetry in Falvey’s collection, Dr. Sewell volunteers her time to engage students in and to promote this annual event.

Dr. Sewell has also worked with the Library to display posters featuring senior students’ poems throughout its first floor during April, National Poetry Month. This year, Dr. Sewell teamed up with Alan Drew, MFA, assistant professor of English/creative writing, to include both senior student’s poems and excepts from their prose on the posters. Why only seniors? These students are contestants for the Class of 2014 Creative Writing Awards.

Several contestants for the Class of 2014 Creative Writing Awards have given the Library permission to display their prose excerpts and poems not only on posters in the Library but also on the library’s blog. Please check here regularly to see their contest entries.

Article by Gerald Dierkes, information services specialist for the Information and Research Assistance team, senior copy-editor for the Communication and Service Promotion team and a liaison to the Department of Theater.



Jeff Stevens, Falvey’s Latest Student Employee of the Month

Jeff StevensJeffrey (Jeff) Stevens, a junior from Cheshire, Conn., is Falvey’s new student employee of the month for February. Jeff works as a shelver and circulation-desk assistant, reporting to Barbara Haas, a library stacks management assistant, while shelving, and to Luisa Cywinski, Access Services team leader, while on the desk. Haas says, “He’s a wonderful student worker – very efficient, pleasant and a good time-manager. If I give Jeff a job to do, I know it will be done well and in a timely fashion.”

Jeff has worked at Falvey since the beginning of his freshman year. He says, “I have really enjoyed my time working at Falvey, especially working in the stacks. Not only do I have the instant gratification of finishing a bunch of small tasks, but also it is relaxing. I have taken a liking to listening to audio-books or catching up on news, via podcast, while shelving.” He has also been a Villanova resident assistant.

Jeff is a member of the Villanova Singers and the Pastoral Musicians. He enjoys singing and golfing.

He has a major in accounting and finance and a minor in real estate and will graduate in May 2015. After graduation he plans to work in the accounting department of a relatively large firm. “I could easily go the big four public accounting route, but from what I’ve heard about the lifestyle I’d much prefer sticking to the private sector. I’m a big proponent of having a strong work/life balance,” Jeff says.

The University Staff Council (USC) of Falvey, led by Linda Hauck, business librarian, selects a student employee of the month based upon nominations from the department supervisors of student employees.

Article by Alice Bampton, digital image specialist and senior writer on the Communication and Service Promotion team.


Dig Deeper: Money Smart Week @ Falvey Memorial Library

money smart week

Falvey Memorial Library is proud to announce its participation in this year’s Money Smart Week! Money Smart Week (April 5-12), created by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, is a public awareness campaign to promote financial literacy. In collaboration with the American Library Association, Money Smart Week @ your library brings financial programming to library communities. Read on for Money Smart Week @ Falvey Memorial Library event details and to find some great resources to help you be money smart!


Dig Deeper

Moving to the City

A VU Seniors Alumni 101 Event

Monday, April 7, 6:30 p.m.

Bartley 1011

Learn what it takes to move to, live and survive in cities like Manhattan, Washington and Philadelphia after graduation. After a brief presentation about the ins and outs of real estate, Alumni Chapter volunteers from these cities will share their personal advice and answer questions about life in the city.

Additional Resources:

Apartment Hunting Tips from the NYC Affordable Housing Resource Center

Eating Well on a Budget

Co-sponsored by Villanova Dining Services and VU Seniors

Tuesday, April 8, 1:00 p.m.

Falvey Memorial Library 205

Villanova Dining Services’ Alicia Farrow and Gail Mitchell will offer tips on food budgeting, shopping, preparation and eating well on campus. They will focus on getting the greatest nutrition for your dollar by suggesting healthy, palate-satisfying choices as alternatives to cheap, packaged food. A light lunch will be served on a first-come basis.

Additional Resources:
Villanova Dining Services Nutritional Information

Find nutrition resources, recipes, vegetarian options and other thought-provoking information.

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Useful tips from ChooseMyPlate.gov.

Managing/Repaying Student Loans

Tuesday, April 8, 4:00 p.m.

Falvey Memorial Library Room 205

In this session, Melissa Hannum and Heather Rosenstein, representatives from the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA), will review various resources available to assist borrowers as they enter loan repayment.

Additional Resources:

YouCanDealWithIt.com provides practical and easy-to-understand advice on how to deal with common financial situations facing today’s college students and recent graduates.

Money Matters When Looking for an Apartment and Signing a Lease Wednesday, April 9th, 4:30 p.m.
Falvey Memorial Library Room 204
Kathy Byrnes, Office of Student Life, will unpack the issues that come with off-campus living. She will discuss start-up expenses, financial elements of renting, household budgeting and protecting your security deposit.

Additional Resources:
Renting a Home or Apartment: Leases and Security Deposits from the Pennsylvania attorney general

Renting a Home or Apartment from USA.gov

Career Center Senior Hours: Market Yourself in the Career Center A VU Seniors Alumni 101 Week Event
Wednesday, April 9, 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Career Center, Garey Hall
Visit the Career Center for the special senior hours to market yourself into that first job after graduation. Learn how to connect with key alumni, put the finishing touches on your resume and cover letter, and learn helpful tips on how to succeed in your upcoming job interviews. Don’t miss this opportunity to visit the Career Center for professional advice and some free refreshments and snacks provided by the VU Seniors Committee.

Additional Resources:

GoNova Jobs
Portal to job postings and on campus recruiting.

More resources for making money smart decisions:

Take your Wildcard and ask for a student discount at many cultural institutions.

Falvey Memorial Library’s books on personal finance.

A product of the Congressionally chartered Federal Financial Literacy and Education Commission, which is working to strengthen financial capability and increase access to financial services for all Americans.

See the Money Smart Week Resources page for even more great resources!

kristyna-carroll_edArticle and resources by Kristyna Carroll, research support librarian for Business and Social Sciences. Photo by Alice Bampton.


Our Dig Deeper series features links to Falvey Memorial Library resources curated and provided by a librarian specializing in the subject, to allow you to enhance your knowledge and enjoyment of seasonal occasions and events held here at the Library. Don’t hesitate to ‘ask us!’ if you’d like to take the excavation even further. And visit our Events listings for more exciting upcoming speakers, lectures and workshops! 


Jane Golden and the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

Jane GoldenJane Golden, founder and executive director of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, will present a talk on Monday, April 7, at 3:00 p.m. in Falvey’s Speakers’ Corner. She will discuss the Mural Arts Program and present a slideshow of some of the latest, most impressive Philadelphia murals.

Golden began Mural Arts thirty years ago as an anti-graffiti program. Mural Arts is now internationally recognized for its leadership in community-based public art, a program which has involved over 30,000 young men and women. The participants have created 3,600 public murals. Mural Arts’ goal is “to create art that transforms public spaces and individual lives and asserts our fundamental belief that art can ignite change.”

Mayor W.Wilson Goode (mayor 1984-1992) originally hired Golden to help combat Philadelphia’s graffiti problem. She reached out to the graffiti writers and, recognizing their artistic talents, began to provide opportunities for them to utilize their skills as mural painters in appropriate settings.

Golden was appointed director of the Mural Arts Program in 1996 when it was placed under Philadelphia’s Department of Recreation. She has supervised numerous complex public art projects which have helped transform Philadelphia neighborhoods and allowed thousands to experience art in every day settings.

She has undergraduate degrees in fine arts and political science from Stanford University and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Rutgers University. Golden received the Adela Dwyer – St. Thomas of Villanova Peace Award from Villanova in 2008. She was awarded an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree at commencement in 2008. She also holds honorary PhDs from Swarthmore College, University of the Arts, Widener University and Haverford College.

This event is co-sponsored by the Department of English and its concentration in writing and rhetoric, the Cultural Studies Program and Falvey Memorial Library. It is free and open to the public.

Article by Alice Bampton, digital image specialist and senior writer on the Communication and Service Promotion team.

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