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On Buttons and Bodies: Dr. Timothy McCall Speaks on Fashion in the Italian Court

This Tuesday, Dec. 4, Timothy McCall, PhD, assistant professor of Art History, will deliver this semester’s final lecture in the Library’s Scholarship@Villanova series. Dr. McCall’s talk is entitled “Buttons forming Bodies: Princely Fashion in Early Renaissance Italy,” and has been developed alongside a remarkable body of scholarship which focuses upon, among other things, Italian Early Modern constructions of gender and sexuality. The scope of the talk will exceed Renaissance Italy, however, and approach ideas about modern fashion and even the relationship between clothes and our own bodies in a contemporary context.

The Scholarship@Villanova series highlights bold publications and research from distinguished faculty members here at Villanova, and Dr. McCall’s work certainly reflects the intellectual rigor and adventurousness which has become a hallmark of this series. His expertise ranges from Medieval and Early Modern Court life to Italian architecture in contemporary film, and his interest in the intersection between visual culture and history places his work at the cutting edge of his field.

The research Dr. McCall will present this Tuesday is part of a larger book project, entitled Brilliant Bodies: Men at Court in Early Renaissance Italy.

The event will be held in room 205 on the second floor of Falvey Memorial Library at 12:00 p.m.  In the tradition of previous Scholarship@Villanova lectures,  it will be free and open to the public.

Graphic design by Joanne Quinn


“Shore…We Believe” Basket Donated to Health Promotion Fundraiser

Pictured here is the basket the Library contributed to the Health Promotion’s 16th Annual Basket fundraiser at the Campus Activity Team’s (CAT’s) Holiday Bazaar. Donations will give attendees the opportunity to win baskets sponsored by the Library and other campus offices.

Proceeds will purchase gifts for families through Delaware County’s Children & Youth Services.

The CAT’s Bazaar will be held in the Connelly Center Villanova Room on Thursday, Nov. 29, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Friday, Nov. 30, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The library basket includes a donation of $250 to the Red Cross’s Hurricane Sandy relief fund.

The Falvey University Staff Council  team created the basket using the generous donations from the library staff. Falvey USC team volunteers are William Greene, Gina Duffy, Becky Whidden, Marie Roman, Margaret Duffy, Jeannine Ahern, Joanne Quinn, Mary Heyman, Linda Hauck (incoming chair) and Phylis Wright (current chair).

Photograph by Alice Bampton


Nikolaus Fogle joins Falvey as new philosophy librarian

By Alice Bampton

Nikolaus (Nik) Fogle, PhD, has joined Falvey as the philosophy librarian and Philosophy, Theology and Humanities team coordinator, positions previously held by Bente Polites, who retired in spring 2012.

As a subject librarian and team coordinator, Dr. Fogle will work with the Augustinian Historical Institute, Augustinian Institute, Center for Peace and Justice Education, Classical Studies Program, Ethics Program, Department of Humanities, Department of Philosophy (including its graduate program), Department of Theology and Religious Studies (including its graduate program) and the Theology Institute.

Dr. Fogle, a native of Wallingford, Pa., attended Union College, Schenectady, N.Y., and transferred to a warmer climate at The University of Arizona, Tucson, where he majored in philosophy and minored in classics, receiving a bachelor’s degree. For his doctorate in philosophy he returned to the east, attending Temple University, Philadelphia. At Temple, Dr. Fogle focused on social/political and continental philosophy. His dissertation was published last year as “The Spatial Logic of Social Struggle”. 

He taught philosophy and urban studies at various universities; his most recent teaching position was at Renmin University of China (People’s University of China), Beijing. Fogle says, “The main thing that struck me about Chinese students was their degree of focus and dedication.”

Dr. Fogle will be participating in the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, beginning his fellowship in July 2013. CLIR Postdoctoral Fellowships provide recent PhDs “a unique opportunity to develop expertise in the new forms of scholarly research and the information resources that support them ….”

Dr. Fogle’s hobbies are traveling, experiencing new cultures, and discovering exciting and delicious things to eat. “I live for good books and good conversations. I can really nerd out, too. I’m a big fan of Doctor Who,” he says. “I’m really grateful for the warm welcome I’ve received from everyone here at Villanova [University]. I can’t imagine a better place to be.”


Writing a paper? Check out these helpful resources.

With Thanksgiving behind us and the end of the semester fast approaching, the season for paper writing has begun in earnest.  Here at the Library, we offer a number of resources to aid you as you research and write.  Take a look before you get too swamped—we might be able to help you with some of the heavy lifting:

  1. Citation Styles: A Primer with Resources—This topic guide features resources for all the major citation styles. If you’re having trouble collecting and arranging sources, or if you’re interested in the finer details of a certain style, this guide can point you in the right direction.
  2. RefWorks Tutorial—RefWorks is a tool which automates some of the work behind citation gathering. Here’s a tutorial detailing how to use this valuable resource—definitely worth checking out if you have a longer research paper.
  3. The Writing Center—The Writing Center is located in the Learning Commons on the second floor of the Library. Make an appointment with a member of the very capable staff there as you build or edit your work, and your paper will show for it. Tutors are available to help writers in any field, and with any amount of experience.

As always, check out the Library website often for more information. Happy writing!


“Dante’s Illustrated Adventure”: Online Exhibit Features Reading by the University President

By Alice Bampton

Dante’s Illustrated Adventure is an online exhibit highlighting illustrated editions of the Divine Comedy owned by Falvey Memorial Library’s Special Collections and features a video introduction by the Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, PhD, ’75 A&S, University president. This exhibit was curated by Diane Biunno, PhD, a summer intern in Special Collections.

Dr. Biunno is currently enrolled in Drexel University’s Master of Science in Library and Information Science program. She also teaches Italian at Villanova University.

“I think that Dante is relevant, especially for Villanova [University] students and for students of Italian. He is considered the father of the Italian language and he’s one of the greatest poets in Western literature. The Divine Comedy has influenced how many Christians and Catholics view the afterlife, and his conception of grace and divine justice in the Divine Comedy was heavily influenced by Saint Augustine,” Dr. Biunno says.

Father Donohue introduces “Dante’s Illustrated Adventure” in a video, reading the opening canto of Dante’s Inferno.

Following the Curator’s Welcome, the exhibit is divided into eight parts: Dante’s Biography, Meet the Illustrators, Dante’s Guides, Sacred Spaces & Scary Places, Sinners, Monsters & Mythical Creatures, Saints, and Bibliography.

Dr. Biunno worked with Michael Foight, Special Collections and Digital Library coordinator, and Laura Bang, Digital and Special Collections curatorial assistant, to create this exhibit. Joanne Quinn, design specialist, created the graphics.

More information about the online exhibit can be found on the Blue Electrode blog.


“Window Shopping”: Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

By Alice Bampton

The public relations committee for Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week (HHAW) created the window display in Falvey “to raise awareness on campus about the issues of hunger and homelessness in the local community and world-wide. Through education, service and advocacy, we are committed to promoting solidarity with the poor,” said Sasha Ducey, the committee chair. She and her three assistants, Jenna Dilorio, Robyn Bastian and Skye Jang, mounted the exhibit after consulting Joanne Quinn, Falvey’s design specialist. Quinn created the large central “Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week” poster. All other graphics are the work of the HHAW public relations committee.

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week , this year Nov. 9-16, is affiliated with Campus Ministry and the Center for Peace and Justice Education. In 1975, the Rev. Ray Jackson, OSA, organized a few students to establish Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. Although Father Jackson died in 1997, his legacy lives on. More than 500 colleges, universities and other groups now participate in HHAW.

The top left of the display features an eye-catching image of a homeless man. Posters made of corrugated cardboard comment on homelessness. One large hand-lettered poster to the right lists Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week events. Discarded newspapers and plastic grocery bags cover the bottom. Next to a rumpled sleeping bag appear the words, “What if this was your bed?”

This thought-provoking, stark display makes a visual and verbal statement about the plight of those who are hungry and/or homeless.

Photograph by Alice Bampton


Linda Hauck Becomes the Library’s University Staff Council Representative

By Alice Bampton

University Librarian and Library Director Joe Lucia announced that Linda Hauck, team coordinator for the Business Research team, is Falvey Memorial Library’s new University Staff Council (USC) representative. “I am extremely confident that she will represent the Library well,” Lucia says.

Hauck came to Falvey as a part-time research librarian in December 2005. She has been full-time since 2007.

“I’m looking forward to working with the energetic USC team that rallied around Phylis Wright (including Jeannine Ahern, Gina Duffy, Joanne Quinn, Marie Roman, Bill Greene, Mary Heyman and Becky Whidden) to do fun and successful fund raisers for hunger relief. I hope by representing the Library at USC meetings I can carry on the work of improving interdepartmental coordination and ensuring healthy dialogue between staff members and the University,” she says.

Hauck replaces Phylis Wright, Falvey’s first USC representative who served two terms (four years). (more…)


Expect the Unexpected: A Day in the Life of Your Library

By Gerald Dierkes

What do Harry Potter, the Villanova School of Business, the Irish Studies Program and the Department of Theology and Religious Studies have in common? Falvey Memorial Library hosted events for each of these on Oct. 3, the day Falvey participated in Snapshot PA: One Day in the Life of Pennsylvania Libraries.

Cold, hard facts—Within an hour of opening, a fire alarm (later discovered to be a false alarm, triggered by a contractor working on renovations) forced everybody to enjoy the comfortable weather for a few minutes. Falvey’s gate count for Oct. 3, excluding reentry after the alarm, totaled 3,258 patrons. In addition, the Library experienced

3,682 website visits

96 new items added to our collection

641 library books checked out

123 InterLibrary Loan requested items received

4 course-related instruction sessions, 126 total number of students attending.

The top blog story on our homepage was “Election News: Student Groups Promote ‘Ignite Change, Go Vote!’”

And librarians helped students to research questions ranging from “I want to find information about the physical and facial representations of embarrassment for a psychology of emotions class” to “How can I find out about the economic, social and technological trends impacting the newspaper industry?”

The supernatural—Falvey’s 24/7 lounge featured Sorcerer’s Semester: marathon readings of the Harry Potter stories. Students, staff and faculty took turns at the microphone until they finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and had read well into Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. A promotional life-sized cardboard cutout of a wand-bearing Harry Potter guarded the doorway.

At some point that evening, the cardboard Harry Potter disappeared.

Falvey’s Facebook message: “REWARD for bringing back Harry: all-u-can-eat jelly beans & a rare coveted ‘HP @ Falvey 2012 LIVE’ button, usually given only to LIVE readers.”

Falvey’s Twitter message: “One does not simply … walk away with a life-sized Harry Potter display!?”

Warm fuzzies—Dozens of students responded to our informal survey. To the question “What does the library mean to you?” one student responds, “It stands as a pinnacle of knowledge and human achievement, a depository of near infinite information. A place to inspire dreams and fuel greatness. (And pick up cute ladies who like to read).” This word cloud illustrates the survey results.

That’s just another day at Falvey (we’re still awaiting the return of our cardboard Harry Potter).

(Visit the SnapShot PA Flickr account to see more photos from Falvey Memorial Library and other PA libraries.)

Also contributing: Jutta Seibert, Linda Hauck, Barbara Quintiliano, Luisa Cywinski, Melanie Wood

Photographs by Alice Bampton, Laura Hutelmyer, Joanne Quinn; Graphic Design by Joanne Quinn


Technologists and Scholars Gather for Tech Trifecta

By Luisa Cywinski

During the October semester break at Villanova University, the Tech Trifecta, a series of three technology-centered conferences, was held in Falvey Memorial Library and welcomed librarians and technologists from all over the world, including Nepal, Portugal, Germany and Norway.

Code{4}Lib presenters, l. to r. Chris Hallberg, Kathryn Lynch, Demian Katz, Karen Coombs, Mohan Raj Pradhan, John Mark Ockerbloom, Michelle Suranofsky, Daria Norris.

The Trifecta consisted of the VuFind Summit, Code4Lib Mid-Atlantic and VuStuff III. All three events focused heavily on technology although VuStuff offered an integrated view of technology and scholarly communication, including the work of Villanova professors and librarians.

The VuFind Summit brought together current and potential VuFind developers, some of whom presented on projects that rely on VuFind to enhance online accessibility of library resources. Demain Katz, technology development specialist, also previewed VuFind 2.0 and facilitated a detailed discussion of the new release.

Code4Lib, according to their wiki, is an online community of “hackers, designers, architects, curators, catalogers, artists and instigators from around the world, who largely work for and with libraries, archives and museums on technology ‘stuff.'” Participants gathered at our University for the inaugural Mid-Atlantic conference, which included in-depth presentations from nearby universities, like Drexel University and The University of Pennsylvania, and from faraway places, like HealthNet Nepal in Kathmandu, Nepal.

(l. to r.) Michael Mafodda, Dr. Judith Giesberg, Joe Lucia, Rebecca Capobianco, Ruby Johnson

Of interest to both scholars and technologists, the VuStuff conference focuses on the intersections between technology and scholarly communications. As a departure from previous VuStuff conferences, a Villanova history professor, Judith Giesberg, PhD, delivered a presentation on the use of Web resources, specifically the “Emilie Davis Diaries in the Classroom.” Her graduate students, Rebecca Capobianco and Ruby Johnson, co-presented with her. Michael Mafodda, Communication Department, assisted with multimedia production of the project.

Rebecca Goldman, LaSalle University, won the Vuie Award for Best Presentation for her talk on the preservation of digital materials.

As noted by Joe Lucia, University librarian, the week reflected the enormous “investment of time and energy” on the part of the Tech Trifecta planning team. Their aim was to provide a central location for “valuable conversations,” said Lucia.

Members of Falvey’s Technology team and Digital Library team, David Uspal, Demian Katz, Michael Foight, David Lacy, Laura Bang and Stephen Spatz all collaborated with colleagues from other institutions to make the Tech Trifecta a huge success.

Additional support of the event was provided by Falvey’s Scholarly Outreach Team staff, Gina Duffy, Marie Roman, and Communication & Publication Team staff, Laura Hutelmyer, Luisa Cywinski and Alice Bampton. Advance web and print publicity, as well as printed materials for each conference, were created by Joanne Quinn, Falvey graphic designer.

(l. to r.) Karen Coombs, Demian Katz and Mohan Raj Pradhan

Using one of the new spaces in the Library, the Speakers’ Corner, Falvey was able to accommodate up to 100 guests, with comfortable seating, suitable furniture for laptop, tablet, and mobile devices and plentiful power strips. Some attendees made use of social media to chronicle their experience. (Search Twitter for the hashtags #VuFind2012, #c4lma, and #VuStuff2012.) Many of the presentations were recorded and can be found on the individual conference websites.

Photographss by Alice Bampton & Laura Hutelmyer


On Trial until Nov. 30: Discover data from research repositories. Tell us your opinion.

The Library is hosting a trial to Data Citation Index, a brand new Thomson Reuters database for discovering data sets and studies in persistent and stable repositories, such as the Pennsylvania State University,  the National Cancer Institute and Stanford School of Medicine, to name a few. The trial only lasts until Nov. 30.

Research data from the social sciences, physical sciences, life science, and arts and humanities is included, and discoverable data sets are linked to the scholarship it informs.

This new resource has the potential for facilitating the creation of Data Management Plans required by the National Science Foundation for funding.

For additional information about the Falvey trial to this important initiative see Linda Hauck’s blog.



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