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Librarian of St. Catherine Monastery in Mt Sinai, Egypt, to speak at Villanova

Father Justin Sinaites, librarian of St. Catherine’s Monastery, Mt. Sinai, Egypt, the world’s oldest continually operating monastery (some 1,700 years), will speak at Villanova University Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at 7 p.m. Father Justin oversees what is considered to be the second most valuable collection of religious manuscripts in the world, the Vatican’s being the first.

One of Father Justin’s major undertakings has been to photograph and post on the Internet the collection’s 4,500 manuscripts (many illuminated), 7,000 early printed books, and some of the world’s oldest Bibles.

His lecture, “The Beauty and Significance of Icons” is one of the lectures associated with the Villanova Art Gallery exhibit. ICON: The Way to the Kingdom will take place in the Connelly Center, Villanova Room. The lecture is free and open to the public.

For more information, contact Rev. Richard Cannuli, OSA, or call 610-519-4612.



Making an Informed Decision for Election 2012

By Merrill Stein and Corey Waite Arnold

With the Presidential Election less than a month away, there’s no shortage of media coverage. Despite the chatter, it can be difficult to make a well informed and closely researched decision about whom to vote for. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a brief list of election resources. Behind each link you’ll find valuable information to help you strengthen your perspective and inform your vote when you finally hit the booths this November.


While the big two parties dominate the airwaves, don’t forget that a wide range of political perspectives are represented by plenty of candidates running for president in this year’s election. Here’s a list of a few major political parties in America along with their platform positions:

Thomas Nast's political cartoon, 1870 (courtesy of The Library of Congress)

The Democratic Party

The Republican Party

The Tea Party

The Green Party

The Libertarian Party

The Reform Party

The Democratic Socialists of America

The Constitution Party



Political polls are an invaluable resource during election season, both for political players and the average voter looking to follow the status of a given candidate.

George Gallup, inventor of the Gallup Poll


Roper Center Public Opinion Archives

Gallup Polls: Election 2012

Politico Election Polling

ANES Guide to Public Opinion and Electoral Behavior





Given this year’s contentious political atmosphere and the extraordinary speed of the contemporary news cycle, fact checking has emerged as a major media force in this year’s election. Check out some of the more reputable fact checking organizations after debates, and make sure to keep your candidate honest:






International news sources provide a valuable perspective on an election that doesn’t just affect the United States, but instead impacts the world at large.  Reading outside news sources can truly expand your thinking during this and other important elections.

Image courtesy of BBC News


The Guardian UK





Be aware that as a member of the Villanova University community you have unique access to a variety of library resources. Here are just a few relevant books from our collection:

The Rise of the President’s Permanent Campaign by Brendan J. Doherty

Exit Polls:  Surveying the American Electorate by Samuel J. Best and Brian S. Krueger

Who’s Counting? : How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote at Risk by John Fund and Hans von Spakovsky



And finally, the following databases include article search engines to help you find information on a specific election topic:

ProQuest Newspapers, Ethnic NewsWatch, Lexis Nexis Academic, ABI/INFORM Global, Vital Statistics on American Politics, CQ Press Voting and Elections Collection, CQ Weekly,  America: History and Life, JSTOR, Historical New York Times.

Go to the Ignite Change, Go Vote blog post for information about voter registration.

Links and resources contributed by Merrill Stein, History/Political Science Liaison Team


From Transylvania to Kinomoto to Villanova: Corey Waite Arnold is GA for Communication & Publications team

Corey Waite Arnold is the Communication and Publications team’s graduate assistant for this academic year. This is not the first time Corey performed library work, though. As an undergraduate at Transylvania University, Lexington, Ky., he worked as a library archive assistant in the J. Douglas Gay Jr. Library. Corey earned his bachelor’s degree in English in 2009 and is currently enrolled in the Villanova University English Department’s graduate program.

Corey will help with reporting and editing library cultural events, professional meetings and academic proposals. He is also preparing topic guides that utilize his research expertise.

Before coming to the University, Corey taught English in an elementary school and junior high school in Kinomoto, Japan, from August 2009 until August 2011. Corey has also served as a staff member in an after-school program at Americana Community Center in Louisville, Ky. The center serves mainly African refugee and immigrant families.

Corey writes fiction and poetry. He is interested in film, Japan and playing music. He plays bass guitar, but left his band “back home in Louisville.” “I’m also a huge board game nerd,” he says. “I’m designing one right now with some friends, actually.”

A native of Louisville, he now resides in the University City/West Philadelphia area.

“I’m looking forward to what this new phase in my life will bring,” Corey says.

Photograph by Alice Bampton



Election News: Student Groups Promote “Ignite Change, Go Vote!”

Bridget Kiley with a patriotic rubber duckie.

When we asked about the Ignite Change, Go Vote! campaign, members of the Campus Activities Team (CAT), Student Government Association (SGA) and other student organizations obliged us with details. Their answers are summarized below. We also attended one of their planning meetings on Sept. 21 and learned a few facts about voter registration for college students, some of which appear below.

How did you come up with the idea for this campaign?

Nicki Hornsberry, Student Development director, mentioned it to us over the summer.

What were the first steps you took?

Bridget Kiley and Francesca (Chessy) Gortzounian, CAT, Chris Marroletti, Student Government Association (SGA) president, and Lael Hoegen, SGA vice president, coordinated the events with members of the Student Nurses’ Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP), Villanova Political Awareness Club (VPAC), Villanova University College Democrats, and Villanova University College Republicans. We wanted to pool our resources, so we met in late August to start the planning process. Bridget and Chessy created the flyers and posters to advertise the events.

Chris Marroletti, Chessy Gortzounian and Aaron Moore wearing Ignite Change, Go Vote! t-shirts.

Who else was involved in planning the events?

DeVon Jackson and Siobhan D’Angelo, Student Development, helped to organize training for the volunteers at the voter registration tables. Aaron Moore, SGA, was also a huge help organizing everything. We were also contacted by Rock the Vote and with them we arranged a voter registration tour stop event on Sept. 18. We registered 295 new voters that day!


Do you have more events lined up?

Yes! Voter registration tables will be set up in the Pit, Spit, and St. Mary’s on Sept. 25, 26 and 27; a “Patriotic Happy Friday” event on Sept. 28; Voter Sticker Pick-up on Oct. 25, 26 and 27, and then free voting-day shuttles to the local polling locations on Nov. 6.

What are some of key facts that new Villanova University student voters need to know?

Students can register to vote via absentee ballot, but they can also register to vote in the state of Pennsylvania, even if they had previously registered to vote in another state. Actual voting requires a photo ID, and students may use a driver’s license, state identification card, or college ID with expiration sticker. The Wildcard office will issue expiration date stickers to Villanova University students who have registered to vote. The stickers will be distributed on Oct. 25, 26 and 27.

The Campus Activities Team (CAT) organizes student events throughout the academic year. These events are held in Dougherty 108, across from the Wildcard Office.

Look for another library blog in the coming weeks that will highlight political resources. And remember to “Ignite Change, Go Vote!”

Interview conducted by Luisa Cywinski, Laura Hutelmyer; Photos by Laura Hutelmyer


Alert: Library Open Today, Tuesday, Oct. 30, 5pm – Midnight

  • Posted by: Luisa Cywinski
  • Posted Date: October 1, 2012
  • Filed Under: Alerts

Thanks to the willingness of emergency library staff, the library will open today from 5:00 p.m. to Midnight. Limited services will be available. The 24-hour lounge is open now if you need a place to study until we officially open at 5:00 p.m.  Be careful getting around campus!

Ward Barnes, Sarah Gross‎, Jeffrey R Stevens, Bridget Kiley, Grant Hoffman, Kristen Hallowell and Brianna Healy all volunteered to help out!

Our appreciation goes to University Public Safety, Facilities, Food Service, and Custodial crews for keeping the campus safe and comfortable for Villanova students!


“Go Cats Go” – Moments from the History of Athletics at Villanova University on Display

By Alice Bampton

Six display cases of Villanova University athletic memorabilia, covering decades of athletic history, will be featured on Falvey’s first floor until mid-November. In her “Curator’s Welcome,” Laura Bang, Digital and Special Collections curatorial assistant, says, “Athletics have been a part of Villanova life since its earliest days… As the College [Villanova became a university in 1953] matured, so too did the athletic component.”

Although Villanova University was founded in 1842, the earliest objects in this exhibit date from the 1890s: team photographs and an 1892 volume, Forty-Ninth Annual Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Villanova College… The catalog is opened to show “Villanova Athletic Association.” Bang says this publication “marks the first appearance of the Villanova Athletic Association.”

Scrapbooks of news clippings, programs for athletic events, media guides for women’s teams, caps, buttons, photographs, Belle Air yearbooks, a letterman’s jacket and much more invite perusal. There is even a partially inflated football (courtesy of Roman Catholic High School) from a 1922 City Championship game between Villanova College and the High School. Villanova lost that contest, 9 to 13!

Although Special Collections sponsors the exhibit, considerable material comes from the University Archives. The University Archives reside in Falvey; the archivist is the Rev. Dennis Gallagher, OSA, PhD.

Laura Bang installed the exhibit with assistance from Michael Foight, Special Collections and Digital Library coordinator. Joanne Quinn, Falvey’s design specialist, created the exhibit’s signs, including the banner on the library’s home page.

Photo by Alice Bampton; Banner by Joanne Quinn


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