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Dictionary of Irish Biography


The Dictionary of Irish Biography is the most comprehensive and authoritative biographical dictionary for Ireland to date. It was edited by James McGuire and James Quinn and published in 2009 by Cambridge University Press in collaboration with the Royal Irish Academy. The 9 volume set contains “over 9,000 entries covering 9,700 lives, ranging from the earliest times to 2002.” Articles are between 200 and 15,000 words long and provide lively short summaries as well as detailed assessments. 700 advisors and scholars contributed biographical entries. The editors paid particular attention to outstanding women who have previously been overlooked¬† as well as to a broad coverage of the modern period.

This new reference work replaces Boylan’s classic Dictionary of Irish Biography and supplements the outstanding Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Online for the serious Irish Studies scholar. The print volumes can be found in the reference section on the first floor of Falvey Memorial Library.

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Wait, Wait, Don’t Torture Me….

Stanley Milgram’s infamous experiment, which tested the limits of obedience is back with a modern twist: Participants were made to believe that they were contestants in a TV game show playing “The Game of Death (Le jeu de la mort).” Christophe Nick, the producer of the documentary, and some of the duped contestants claim that the power of media contributed greatly to the unexpectedly high compliance rate of 80%, considerably higher than Milgram’s compliance rate. Read Robert Mackey’s article on the New York Times blog to find out more.

milgramFalvey has Obedience, the documentary of Migram’s original experiment as well as his book Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View. You may also be interested in a recent biography:¬† The man who shocked the world: the life and legacy of Stanley Milgram. We now have a new chapter to add to his biography.

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Watch the French original, LaZoneXtreme on YouTube.



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