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Victorian Life through the Lens of 19th Century Magazines

uk_perFalvey is delighted with its acquisition of 19th Century UK Periodicals.

Series 1 of this collection, entitled New Readerships, consists of  women’s and children’s periodicals, as well as humor and leisure/sport magazines and chronicles the rise of modern magazine culture. Featured are women’s magazines, such as Hearth and Home and the Women’s Penny Paper, satirical titles such as Punch and Fun, magazines aimed at the young, such as Boy’s Own Paper, as well as a number of sports and leisure magazines.

Series 2 of 19th Century UK Periodicals, entitled Empire, includes the complete run of over 90 magazines. Topics range from the abolition of the slave trade within the British Empire in 1807 to the first Opium Wars (1839-42) and the “scramble for Africa” in the 1880s and 1890s.

Records to all magazines in the collection will be added to the Library’s online catalog. Each record will have a link to individual titles. Links to the digital collection itself appear on the Databases A-Z list (under N), as well as on the primary sources tab of the history subject guide.

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Sage Brings Print Encyclopedias Online

encyc_race_ethnicity.jpgFalvey added over 70 new e-reference titles from Sage to its popular online reference collection.  Some of these titles were already available in print on the Library’s reference shelves, but most of the titles are new in Falvey’s collection and worth a closer look. One can browse the Sage e-reference collection by subject areas such as history, sociology, or criminal justice and search for keywords in individual titles as well as the complete collection.

The Encyclopedia of American Urban History, the Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice, and the Sage Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods are some outstanding new titles in this collection. Among the titles previously owned in print are the Encyclopedia of Juvenile Justice, the Encyclopedia of Social Problems, and the Encyclopedia of Social Theory, to name but a few.

Direct links to individual titles or to the complete collection can be added to WebCT as well as to the Library’s course guides. Links to individual entries are another possibility. A good example is Appendix A: Data on Race and Ethnicity in the United States, 1820 to the Present of the Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity, and Society, which includes 60 pages worth of data such as  persons obtaining legal permanent resident status by region and selected country of last residence, 1820-2006.

Noteworthy features of the Sage e-reference collection are a citation tool that offers a choice of three citation styles (APA, MLA and Chicago), numerous active URLs on the further reading lists, and the option to e-mail entries to any e-mail address.

Access to these titles is available via the Library’s subject guides (sociology, criminal justice, history), the E-Reference Resources list and the Library’s catalog.

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New campus-wide access to the Chronicle of Higher Education through Falvey

news.gifFalvey now offers the university community online access to the Chronicle of Higher Education, “the No. 1 source of news, information, and jobs for college and university faculty members and administrators.” Widely valued for the timeliness and credibility of its news coverage, the Chronicle has won numerous awards for its coverage of political issues with impact on higher education. Popular features include the careers section with its job listings, annual salary surveys, and the scholarly productivity index, ranking 375 Ph.D. granting institutions. In addition, the online Chronicle offers exclusive daily news articles, podcasts and access to its digital archive dating back to 1995.

Because the site license includes off-campus access through LDAP (Villanova email ID and password) authentication, readers who already have a personal or departmental subscription may consider canceling it now. Those who still enjoy holding the print version of the Chronicle in their hands will find it on the periodical shelves on the first floor of the Library.  For quick, convenient access to the online Chronicle, bookmark the link found in the Library’s catalog.

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Locate primary English sources from past centuries in just a few seconds!

You can now use the Falvey online catalog to search for contents of

For instance, searches for eebo AND bible or eebo AND london AND maps in the online catalog will retrieve a large number of titles from the EEBO collection. Results can then be further refined by author, topic or genre. Each record contains a direct link to the full text of the work.

In addition, the EEBO search interface now makes it possible to search EEBO and ECCO simultaneously. At the top of the search screen, simply check off the box “Include records from ECCO in your search.” The ECCO titles will be identified with a green logo and include direct links to the documents. The ECCO search interface also offers convenient, reciprocal access to EEBO records.

For comprehensive full text searching of these documents, use the EEBO text creation partnership, which will eventually include 25,000 titles.



Last Modified: May 7, 2009