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Foto Friday: Your Day

And how is your day going? Corr Hall

And how is your day going?   (Corr Hall, built 1912.)


Photo by Alice Bampton, Communications and Marketing Dept.

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Kallie’s Chords: Summer’s End Playlist

Welcome back, Wildcats! If you’ve listened to Michelle (and my) playlists, I just wanted to say “Thank you!” If you haven’t, you should check them out. (They are eclectically crafted and wonderfully unique.) While Michelle’s journey at the library has ended (we miss you), I’m keeping the music tradition alive. This playlist is a perfect blend of upbeat and mellow tracks to help you ease into the fall semester. Grab a coffee and follow the Spotify link below for an easygoing arrangement ideal for studying.

Kallie Stahl is a member of Falvey’s Communication & Marketing department.


The Curious ‘Cat: “First vacation of the semester?”

Curious Cat logo resize

This week, the Curious ‘Cat asks Villanovans, “How are you spending your Labor Day weekend?

Alexa Organ – “I might go to the mall with my friends!”











 Serene Alhalabi – “I’ll catch up on homework and settle into my new house.”











Alli Lowitz – “I may go to Philly for the first time with my friends!”











Erik Koehr – “Well I’m a part of the Campus Activities Team, so I’ll be at their barbecue this weekend. You should come too!”









Aaron Seigle – “Well I’ll definitely be hanging out. And if my schedule works out, I’ll go home.” 










Bobby Biggar – “I’ll be binge watching Stranger Things on Netflix.”


Introducing Janice Bially Mattern – Falvey’s New Social Sciences and Data Services Liaison Librarian

Janice resize

Janice Bially Mattern, Falvey’s Social Sciences and Data Services librarian, recently joined the Library. Reporting to Jutta Seibert, coordinator for Academic Integration, Bially Mattern plans, manages and delivers instruction and reference information, selects resources and provides outreach in her fields. She will also be leading the development and provision of data services .

Before coming to Villanova, she held faculty positions in Political Science/International Relations at various institutions. From 2010 – 2015 she was a professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS), Department of Political Science, in the Republic of Singapore, where the official language is English. Earlier (2003-2010), she was a professor at Lehigh University, Department of International Relations, Bethlehem, Pa; and before that (2000-2003) she taught at  Temple University’s Department of Political Science, Philadelphia, from 2000-2003.

Bially Mattern received her PhD in Political Science from Yale University, a Master of Philosophy degree in Political Science (specializing in International Relations, Political Theory and Political Economy) and a Master of Arts in Political Science, both from Yale. She earned her BA degree in Political Science and International Relations from University of Wisconsin, Madison. She is currently pursuing a Master of Information degree at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Brunswick.

Why did someone with extensive research and teaching experience decide to become a librarian, I asked. Bially Mattern answered, “The unbridled truth is that I needed a new challenge. I was increasingly attracted to librarianship, which has always interested me. Now that data services are becoming part of librarianship, I see an opportunity for librarians to help make social science research data more transparent and accessible. So when my family and I moved back to the U.S., I just found myself more drawn to this career change than to getting another academic job.”

Currently a resident of Macungie, Pa., Bially Mattern lived for her early years in Kwajalein, Republic of the Marshall Islands, where her father was a civilian defense contractor working for the United States government. From the Marshall Islands, her family moved to Sudbury, Mass.

She enjoys travel, being outdoors and “catching up on American TV shows that I missed while living in Singapore.” She is also interested in learning new things such as her current pursuit of a degree at Rutgers School of Communication and Information.

Her office is in Falvey Hall, Room 232, 610-519.5391. Email: janice.bially-mattern@villanova.edu



Sneek Peak: A New Look for the Falvey Hall/Old Falvey Lobby

As part of the extensive ongoing renovation of the Falvey Hall/Old Falvey Reading Room, the lobby leading into the room is also undergoing a transformation to provide an appropriate entrance. On August 1 the two doors leading into the Falvey Hall/Old Falvey lobby were removed as were the glass bricks surrounding the doors. There are now steel struts in the doorways and along the walls and numerous electrical outlets have been installed. Dry wall panels are being installed as of Aug. 18. Stay tuned for more updates!



DSC_1150 resize


Photographs by Alice Bampton, Communications and Marketing Dept.



Renovating the Reading Room Around a Very Large Pietro da Cortona Painting

The Pietro da Cortona painting, “The Triumph of David,” at Villanova has been described as a “hidden treasure in plain view” on more than one occasion. Hung high on a wall, yet in a room closed to the public and used to store microfilm and other materials, the painting had deteriorated to the point where few could appreciate it.

Removing ptg fr wall resize

In 2013 professional art handlers removed the painting from the wall where it had hung since 1956

The Baroque masterpiece spent 2013 – 2015 undergoing professional conservation to revitalize its vivid blues and reds and rich depths. Conservators, led by Kristin deGhetaldi, also reattached flaking paint and stabilized the surfaces. The painting became the inspiration and centerpiece for what will be the campus’ latest signature destination – Falvey Memorial Library’s Reading Room.

This summer, however, the painting has once again become the “hidden treasure in plain view” as, because of its large size, it cannot be removed during the room’s renovation. Instead, the construction team, led by Michael P. O’Donnell, project superintendent for Adams-Bickel Associates, and Villanova personnel – University Librarian and Library Director, Millicent Gaskell; Margaret Duffy, Budget and Administrative Services specialist; and Project Manager, Jim Matthews  – had a unique situation: how to protect a huge masterpiece (12’ x 19’) and still proceed with the renovation of the Reading Room.

On June 3, 2016, “The Triumph of David” was placed in a custom-built crate and moved from behind the wire cage where it undergone public conservation by a team of professional art handlers from Crozier Fine Arts, New York City. And there it rests, carefully crated and packaged, including attached handles for moving should that become necessary, in the midst of a forest of scaffolding while the renovation of the Reading Room proceeds.

ptg in frame resize

“The Triumph of David,” where it was conserved. The painting has been replaced in its frame and the crate is being built around it.

ptg in crate resize

The crated painting surrounded by scaffolding.


“What is it like to work around this huge white box? I asked O’Donnell, project superintendent. He answered, “We are very conscious of it at all times.” Workmen often ask him, “What’s in the big box?” His answer is the conserved painting which is one of the stimuli for the renovation. O’Donnell said that he and the workmen are very aware of the historical value of the painting. He also mentioned that the scaffolding creates a protective framework for it. Occasionally, the crate must be moved; it takes six people to slide it, using the four handles attached to the base of the crate. O’Donnell says the crated painting weighs about 1,400 pounds!

When the renovation is completed this fall, “The Triumph of David” will hang once again near where it had been originally placed, but it will be in a bright new room with new insulated windows which will protect it from harmful ultraviolet rays. And students will enjoy a beautiful new Reading Room, an appropriate setting for a masterpiece.

Reading Room 500 pixels

Architect’s rendition of the finished room with “The Triumph of David” hanging once more on the wall near its original location.  Image of renovated Reading Room courtesy of BLTa, the architects responsible for the design of this room and the second floor Learning Commons. Furniture arrangement indicated in rendering may change.

All photographs in this blog are the work of Alice Bampton, Communications and Marketing Dept.

 Joanne Quinn contributed to this article.


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Falvey and VITAL Welcome New Faculty

New faculty meeting with subject librarians

New faculty meeting with subject librarians

Approximately forty new faculty members attended a Library orientation arranged by Gabriele Bauer, PhD, director; Ramona Kuczewski, senior administrative assistant; both of VITAL (Villanova Institute for Teaching And Learning); and Jutta Seibert, Academic Integration coordinator. The event was held in Falvey’s Speakers Corner on Thursday morning, August 18, and included a continental breakfast.

Millicent Gaskell, Library Director, welcomed attendees. Faculty met with the subject librarians for their disciplines. The librarians explained the Library’s resources and services and gave tours of Falvey to those who were interested.

Regina Duffy, Library Events and Programs coordinator, and Kallie Stahl, graduate assistant, organized the continental breakfast and the seating arrangements.

Linda Hauck, business librarian, meeting with new business faculty

Linda Hauck, business librarian, meeting with new business faculty


New faculty meeting with science librarian, Alfred Fry

New faculty meeting with science librarian, Alfred Fry


New faculty meet with Rob LeBlanc, first year experience/humanities librarian

New faculty meet with Rob LeBlanc, first year experience/humanities librarian


Photographs by Alice Bampton, Communications and Marketing Dept.


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#FalveyPeek at the Week

PEEK graphic2


Quote of the Week:
“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and starting on the first one,” –Mark Twain, who was pretty good at getting things done.


Pro tip: anyone with that mustache is very successful. (Photo from Pixabay.com)

This week in the library:
August 29th, 5:30-8:30 p.m., Arab and Islamic Studies Film Viewing (Room 204)
August 30th, 12:05 p.m., Pre-Law Advising Workshop (Room 204)
August 30th, 3:00 p.m., Getting Started with Zotero Workshop (Room 204)
August 31st, Hispanic Cultural Heritage Table Speaker’s Corner
August 31st, 12:00 p.m., Resume Review Day (Room 205)
August 31st, 1:00 p.m., Meet Browzine (Room 204)
September 1st, 12:00 p.m., Resume Review Day (Room 205)
September 1st, 5:00 p.m., Leadership Conference (Room 205)
September 1st, 5:15 p.m., Leadership Conference (Room 205)



Already stressed? Inhale to a count of four. Exhale to a count of four. It centers your breathing and gives you a minute to remember: you got this. You’re here.


Think of trees too? That’s always peaceful to me. (Photo from Pixabay.com)


Save the Date:
-Tuesday, August 30th, the last day to add/drop classes.
-Monday, September 5th, Labor Day (a.k.a. first mini-vacation of the semester).
-Saturday, September 10th, the first home football game (which is against Lehigh at 6 p.m.)


It’s Pumpkin Spice Season:   

The Pumpkin Spice latte (PSL, to those in the know) is soon to make its modern-day declaration of the true beginning of Fall. Starbucks claims to have generated over $80 million in revenue over the past eleven years, however they are now lagging to say when they will bring about the crowd-favorite (though personally I’m hoping for a secret-drop akin to Beyoncé’s Beyoncé album). Dunkin Donuts is not playing as coy with its release date on August 29th and McDonald’s falling close behind on August 31st.


Soon, everyone. Very soon. (Photo from Pixabay.com)


Books to Ease the Tension:

The beginning of the school year demands a little bit of awkwardness from its participants who are meeting their new friends, classmates, professors, and librarians (right?). These may help:
Level Up Your Social Life, Daniel Wendler
How to Talk to Anyone, Leil Lowndes
-And of course, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, says “actions speak louder than words, and a smile says, ‘I like you. You make me happy. I am glad to see you.”



#FalveyPeek at the Week provided by Hunter Vay Houtzer, a graduate assistant on the Communications and Marketing Team at the Falvey Memorial Library. She is working toward an MA in Communication at Villanova University, and also on learning how to whistle (which she never quite got down as a kid). Send your thoughts/suggestions to Hunter at #falveypeek. See you next Monday for more!



Librarians Welcome International Graduate Students

Librarians Jutta Seibert and Alfred Fry welcomed Villanova University’s international graduate students at an orientation on Friday, August 19. The session is part of the events planned by the Office of International Student Services each fall. Approximately fifty new students attended; students come from all over the world, but this year’s majority is from Asia. Most of these students are pursuing degrees in engineering and sciences. Seibert and Fry introduced the students to the Library’s various resources and services.

Seibert is coordinator for Academic Integration and subject librarian for History, Art History, Irish Studies, Sociology and Criminology. Fry is the subject librarian for Engineering, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Chemistry, Computing Sciences, Mathematical Sciences and Physics.

For research help or appointments, students should call 610-519-4270 or text at 610-816-6222 or, if they know which librarian they wish to contact, they can go to the Staff Directory for the individual’s contact information. The Library’s help page contains a wealth of useful information: how to find a book in the library, how to find articles, citing and evaluating research, Interlibrary Loan services, and much more. Students may also visit librarians in their offices without making appointments – our librarians love to help!

Librarians Alfred Fry and Jutta Seibert introducing international graduate students to Falvey's resources

Librarians Alfred Fry and Jutta Seibert introducing international graduate students to Falvey’s resources


Jutta Seibert presenting Library resources

Jutta Seibert presenting Library resources


Photographs by Regina Duffy, Communication and Marketing Dept.

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Foto Friday: New Light on an Old Masterpiece

We’re renovating! The Falvey Hall Reading Room is being transformed into a new signature space with 24/7 ADA access and state of the art technology enhancements.  Villanova students will love the abundance of  power outlets, easy WiFi access and the relaxing wing-back chairs!

As part of the renovation of the Reading Room, new insulated and ultraviolet-filtering windows are being installed. All original windows have already been removed and, as of Aug. 26, all of the new windows have been installed and the last one is receiving its finishing touches. The ultraviolet filtering will help protect the recently conserved Pietro da Cortona painting, “The Triumph of David.”

Crane and window resize

Second window being installed.

two windows resize

Two new windows in place.


Photographs by Alice Bampton, Communications and Marketing Dept.

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