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PRINT IT OUT! All-in-one Infographic for Your Library Questions

Welcome back, Wildcats!

Whether you’re fresh on the scene or coming back for more, here’s a quick guide for your library essentials. We at the library want everything to be as convenient and helpful for you as possible. Below you’ll find out how to contact the pros; one of our esteemed librarians will always have your back. Our website is on your side, too! Learn where to find your account information to easily renew books or organize your many searches of our many resources. Take a look! Just like that place where your Grandpop used to buy his flip phone, if you have a question, we have an answer! :-)




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Infographic by Joanne Quinn, Team Leader for Communication & Marketing.


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The Falvey Reading Room: If Walls Could Talk, This Room Could Speak Volumes

Did you hear!?  We’re renovating! The Falvey Hall Reading Room is being transformed into a new signature space with 24/7 ADA access and state of the art technology enhancements that will appeal to twenty-first century students – convenient power outlets, internet stations, WiFi access, convenient power charging stations and comfortable wing-back chairs.

Here’s a brief history of one of Villanova campus’ most storied places!

1949 – The Reading Room first opened in 1949 in what was then the Villanova College Library (renamed in 1963 in honor of the Rev. Daniel P. Falvey [1906-1962], OSA, MSLS). The large, two story high Reading Room was described in The Villanovan:  “The reading room, the largest room in the structure, occupies the entire two floors of the north wing.  Book racks line the walls at about shoulder level, and long blond-oak tables with matching chairs are arranged in the room. … Curtained windows, almost from the floor to the ceiling, filled this room with homey warmth.” (“A Century of Progress,” The Villanovan, Feb. 15, 1949, p.3)

Reading Room 1964

Reading Room, Oct. 29, 1964. Photograph courtesy of University Archives.

1968 – In order to serve the growing campus, a new larger building, Falvey Memorial Library, was built adjacent to Falvey in 1968. Falvey’s large reserve room on the ground floor served as the replacement for the Reading Room in Falvey Hall.

1970s – The Villanova University Library Science Department, which had been on the second floor of Falvey Hall, relocated to the first floor including the Reading Room. In the 1970s the Reading Room housed the Eastern Area Branch Library Examination Center (dedicated September 21, 1974). After the Examination Center closed, Library Science housed its professional collection of children’s literature and other materials in the Reading Room.

1980s – In the late 1980s the Reading Room housed collections of microfilms, films, slides, microfiches, VHS tapes and DVDs on utilitarian gray metal shelves filling the room. Through all the transitions, one constant remained – the large painting, “The Triumph of David,” by Pietro da Cortona, on the wall where it had been placed in 1956.

1990s – In the 1990s after the Library Science Department was discontinued, the Mathematics Learning Resource Center was given space in the Reading Room.

2010s – And so the Reading Room remained until the Library began the second floor renovations for its new Learning Commons in 2011. The entire second floor of main Falvey was closed, requiring Business & Administration, Outreach, Communication, and the Director’s Office to relocate into their newly created office spaces in the Reading Room. Prior to the offices relocating, the collections housed there were weeded and relocated, the shelves, old furniture and curtains were removed, and data and telephone lines added. The Learning Commons opened in early 2012 and the occupants of the temporary Reading Room offices moved to their new offices in Old Falvey/Falvey Hall.

reading room 2011

Photograph by Luisa Cywinski

2013 – Empty once again, the Reading Room was transformed into a twenty four hour quiet study space, opening on October 24, 2013. The public conservation of “The Triumph of David” was part of this new space. Conservation of the painting was completed in fall 2015 and the room remained open until June 2016.

Reading Room 2013 sunny resize

Photograph by Alice Bampton

2016 – In June, the room was closed once more – this time for a complete renovation which will transform the Reading Room into “a signature space.” Construction is ongoing with completion anticipated in late September or early October.

Reading Room 500 pixels

Architect’s rendition of the renovated Reading Room with new ceiling, windows and ADA access from the second floor of Falvey. Image courtesy of BLTa, the firm who designed the renovation.


The Rev. Dennis Gallagher, University Archivist; Gerald Dierkes, and Luisa Cywinski contributed information for this blog. Joanne Quinn also contributed to the blog.

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Foto Friday: Ignite Change

Foto Friday crop

“Ignite Change” banners depict those awarded Mendel Medals or honorary degrees.

Photograph by Alice Bampton, Communications and Marketing Dept.

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Foto Friday: Welcome Class of 2020

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  • Posted Date: August 19, 2016
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Welcome resize

This sign, visible from Lancaster Avenue,  welcomes the incoming class of 2020.

Photograph by Alice Bampton, Communications and Marketing.


The Curious ‘Cat: “Last-minute adventures!”

This week, the Curious ‘Cat asks Villanova students, “What’s one thing you want to accomplish before fall semester begins?

Jenna Gammer – “Catch up on as much sleep as I can.”











Anthony Freay – “Learn where all of my classes are.”











Qiuyun Wang – “I want to be fully prepared for a qualifying exam I’m taking at the start of the semester.”










Joe Casini – “I want to have a BBQ with all my friends after they move back on campus.”










Jasmine Mays – “I want to decorate my dorm room; make it feel like home.”











Laura Wagner – “I want to go see a movie.”

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Our Librarians Went to the Fair – The RA Fair, That Is!

Robert (Rob) LeBlanc, First Year Experience/Humanities librarian, and Sarah Wingo, Humanities II team leader and English Literature and Theatre subject librarian, attended the RA (Resident Assistant) Fair in Connelly Center on Monday, August 15. As representatives of Falvey, they provided the numerous RAs with valuable information about the Library and the many services we have available for students. RAs are upper class students who have received training to work with students living in campus residence halls.

Rob LeBlanc and Sarah Wingo with Library Information

Rob LeBlanc and Sarah Wingo with Library Information


LeBlanc sharing Library information with an RA

LeBlanc sharing Library information with an RA


A quick look at part of the fair

A quick look at part of the fair – it was very well attended!


Photographs by Alice Bampton, Communications and Marketing Dept.


Want to Know More About the Olympics? Here is the Place to Start

Rio 2016 jpgIf you read Merrill Stein’s recent blog, “Next Best Thing to Being There! Great Links to the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,” or have been watching or reading the news about the summer Olympics and have questions, Falvey’s collection can provide answers. This “Dig Deeper” features only part of our collection of books about the Olympics. And don’t forget, our very knowledgeable reference librarians (Ask a Librarian) are here to help you find materials. Or you may visit their offices on the second floor of Falvey.

Dig Deeper:

History of the Ancient Games:

The Ancient Olympic Games” (1984)

The Ancient Olympic Games” (1966)

The Ancient Olympics” (2004)

The Story of the Olympic Games, 776 B.C.” (1973)


Women and the Olympic Games:

Grace and Glory:  A Century of Women in the Olympics” (1996)

Their Day in the Sun:  Women of the 1932 Olympics” (1996)

When the Girls Came Out to Play:  The Birth of American Sportswear” (2006)

Women’s Sport and Spectacle:  Gendered Television Coverage and the Olympic Games” (1998)


Other aspects of the Games:

The First Modern Olympics” (1976)

Global Olympics: Historical and Sociological Studies of the Modern Games ” (2005)

100 Greatest Moments in Olympic History” (1995)

All That Glitters Is Not Gold:  The Olympic Game” (1972)

Historical Dictionary of the Modern Olympic Movement” (1996)




Foto Friday: After the petals fall

After the petals fall

After the petals fall there is still beauty.



Photograph by Alice Bampton, Communications and Marketing Dept.


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The Curious ‘Cat: “Rio ready?”

Curious Cat logo resize

This week, the Curious ‘Cat asks Villanovans, “In what summer Olympic event would you enjoy participating?

Sarah Wingo, Liaison Librarian English & Theatre- “Little girl me was pretty obsessed with the gymnastics in spite of my utter lack of flexibility. I was actually a pretty good soccer player, not Olympics good, but you know I played varsity. Anyway, adult me would really like to participate in the kitten Olympics which are going on over on the Hallmark Channel because I just want to play with kittens.”






Darren Poley, Theology & Humanities Liaison Librarian- “Fencing. I spent a great deal of time fencing when I was younger. I think the sport deserves greater recognition. You can really evaluate someone’s skill set as fencing is gender neutral.”







Susan Ottignon, Research Support Librarian- “I’d like to be a participant walking into the closing ceremony having won a gold medal for Women’s singles table tennis.”








Patricia Kemp, Course Reserves & Desk Services- “Sorry, Sue. That gold is mine!”










Michael Foight, Special Collections & Digital Library Coordinator – “I haven’t been watching much of the Olympics. Actually, none at all. I know we’re talking summer events, but I would participate in skating. Speed skating. Curling is also action-packed.”







Morgan Falasca– “Swimming. I’ve been swimming my entire life. I want to stand next to Michael Phelps. I’ve always looked up to him. I would enjoy participating in the Women’s 400m freestyle.”


Another Sneak Peek at the Reading Room Renovation

Renovation of the Reading Room is progressing. The latest highly visible change is the opening of the wall between Old Falvey and main Falvey to create a connection with the Learning Commons and enable ADA access to the Reading Room.

The view below shows the closed-off second floor lounge adjacent to the Scanning Lab.

DSC_1094 resize


This is the corridor which passes Special Collections and the Scanning Lab. The area behind the white barrier is where the lounge was.

DSC_1097 resize


And this view was taken in the Reading Room looking into the second floor of main Falvey.

DSC_1110 resize


Stay tuned to the Falvey Memorial Library blogs for renovation updates.


Photos by Alice Bampton, Communications and Marketing Dept.



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