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An Author of Few Words

Barbara Quintiliano with Some Favorite Things

Barbara Quintiliano with Some Favorite Things

What kind of story can you tell in six words? Just ask Barbara Quintiliano, nursing/life sciences and instructional services librarian. She’s an expert at this, having posted 2,225 memoirs so far under her pen name, liberata. Smith Magazine selected Quintiliano as their March 2016 memoirist of the month. March marks her third anniversary with Six Word Memoirs, a project of the online Smith Magazine.

Quintiliano says, “I mean, who can’t write six words? It’s easy and so much fun … Gotta keep on sixing!” One of her six-word memoirs, “Don’t make life a preemptive strike,” is published in The Best Advice in Six Words (released November 2015). The book includes 1,000 contributions including those of celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg, Molly Ringwald and Lemony Snicket, and Falvey’s own celebrity writer.

Some examples of her other six-word memoirs: “OK, putting my self-doubt to bed,” “Seeking hardcover-wisdom in a Kindle world,” “Progress. Said no to someone today,” “Coffee’s the only weapon I need,” and most appropriate for the six-word format, “I’m really good at doing succinct.” She explains her interest in the Six-Word Memoirs as an outgrowth of her life-long interest in writing in journals, having pen pals and, more recently cyber pals (email).

Quintiliano and Rob LeBlanc, first-year experience/humanities librarian, recently published an article, “Recycling C.R.A.P.:  Reframing a Popular Mnemonic for Library Instruction,” in Pennsylvania Libraries: Research and Practice, volume 3, number 2 (Fall 2015). In 2009 Quintiliano won the Facultas Award.

What is Smith Magazine? It is an online magazine founded and edited by Larry Smith. The magazine is best known for its Six-Word Memoir® project, which Smith launched in November 2006 by asking, “Can you tell your life story in six words?” The challenge became popular with more than one million Six-Word Memoirs published to date.

Before creating Smith Magazine, Larry Smith was an articles editor of Men’s Journal. He had also held other editorial positions and has published articles in The New York Times, Popular Science, Men’s Health, and others.

Who really wrote the first six word memoir? Actually Julius Caesar did it in three words: “Veni, vidi, vici” which translates into six English words: “I came, I saw, I conquered.” Was this Smith’s inspiration? Perhaps, but there is also a legend that Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a six word story. His answer, “For sale:  baby shoes, never worn.” What ever the answer, the challenge is popular!

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Zika Virus News & Data You Can Reuse

Recent articles on the Zika virus

zika_womanBrasil, P., Pereira, J. P.,Jr, Raja Gabaglia, C., Damasceno, L., Wakimoto, M., Ribeiro Nogueira, R. M., . . . Nielsen-Saines, K. (2016, March 4). Zika virus infection in pregnant women in Rio de Janeiro – preliminary report. New England Journal of Medicine, doi:10.1056/NEJMoa1602412 [doi]

Marrs, C., Olson, G., Saade, G., Hankins, G., Wen, T., Patel, J., & Weaver, S. (2016).
Zika virus and pregnancy: A review of the literature and clinical considerations.
American Journal of Perinatology, doi:10.1055/s-0036-1580089 [doi]

Other recent articles listed in RefWorks format.

Click the Find it button to check for full text. Click the double helix icon to the right of the title to read the PubMed abstract.
Image credit: http://www.paho.org/

Data you can use and reuse

Data want to be free, and as members of the Villanova University community, you
have access to entire series of health-related data via the ICPSR database.


Most of these data sets are available in SPSS, SAS, STATA and other data formats. Check them out!

Health and Medical Care Archive (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)

AHRQ MCC Research Network Data Archive

National Addiction & HIV Data Archive Program (Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research, NIH)

Integrated Fertility Survey Series (Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health
& Human Development,
Population Studies Center)

National Archive on Computerized Data on Aging (National Institute on Aging, NIH)

Genomic Data and Biomarkers (Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health
& Human Development)
Image credit: http://www.icpsr.umich.edu

Questions? Comments? Contact Barbara


Zika Virus Information

Video from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)
Zika, a New Threat. What Is It (in Spanish with English subtitles)


Excerpt from Zika virus spreads across Americas as concerns mount over birth defects. (2015). BMJ, 315, h6983.
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1136/bmj.h6983

Zika’s rapid geographic spread would be causing less concern to public health authorities were it not for worrying evidence that the disease is less benign than initially thought. Hundreds of cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome have sprung up in the wake of Zika infection, but it is an explosion of microcephaly among infants born to infected women that has caused Brazil to declare Zika a “public health emergency of national importance.”


Basic info on Zika

According to PAHO, “Zika fever is a mosquito-borne viral disease caused by Zika virus (ZIKV), consisting of mild fever, rash (mostly maculo-papular), headaches…and non-purulent conjunctivitis, occurring about three to twelve days after the mosquito vector bite. One out of four people may develop symptoms, but in those who are affected the disease is usually mild with symptoms that can last between two and seven days. Its clinical manifestation is often similar to dengue, also a mosquito-borne illness.”

There is currently no vaccine or specific treatment for Zika virus infection. Therefore, treatment for everyone, including pregnant women, is directed at alleviating symptoms.

Factsheet from the World Health Organization (WHO)

How does Zika virus affect pregnant women and fetuses?

Fetuses exposed in utero to the Zika virus are at risk for microcephaly, a condition where a baby’s head is much smaller than expected. Babies with microcephaly can suffer from various problems, such as developmental delay, intellectual disability, hearing loss, and vision problems.

More about microcephaly

Travel Alert (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

The CDC recommends special precautions for pregnant women and women trying to become pregnant. These women should consider postponing visits to countries currently affected by Zika virus transmission. Included are the countries of Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, French Guiana, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Martinique, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Suriname, Venezuela, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

CDC Zika Website

Journal articles available on the topic of the Zika virus outbreak (Click Find it to check for full text availability.)

Barbara Quintiliano, Nursing/Life Sciences Librarian
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Find out who’s talking about you

  • Posted by: Barbara Quintiliano
  • Posted Date: November 19, 2015
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Want to know who is citing articles that you’ve written?  Here are three ways to find out who’s talking about you: Science Citation Index Expanded, Scopus, and Google Scholar. (more…)


PDA is Pretty Darned Awesome!

  • Posted by: Barbara Quintiliano
  • Posted Date: October 6, 2015
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It’s the latest thing in library collection development: PDA or patron-driven acquisition, also called DDA (demand-driven acquisition). Instead of purchasing materials “just in case” users may wish to read them in the future, materials are acquired “just in time,” that is, at point of demand. Many PDA plans are automatic. If one or more users try to access portions of an ebook beyond the table of contents, a purchase is triggered and the content is instantaneously available.  Other plans are mediated.  This means that the librarian is sent a report of attempts to access content, allowing her to gauge interest in the title. She can then decide whether or not to place an order for the ebook.

Falvey Library has recently instituted a mediated PDA plan through Rittenhouse Book Distributors for the more than 150 ebooks comprising the Doody’s Core Nursing Collection. A Doody’s Core title “is a book or software title that represents essential knowledge needed by professionals or students in a given discipline and is highly recommended for the collection of a library that serves health sciences specialists.”

For the list of Doody’s Core Titles in nursing, click here.

The plan works like this:
Metadata for the items are preloaded into the library’s online catalog.  “Connect to this resource online” allows users to view the table of contents and to attempt to access portions of the book. The nursing librarian receives weekly email notifications of these attempts. From the number of attempts reported she can decide whether or not to order the ebook as a permanent addition to the collection.

Pretty darned amazing when you think about it!

Questions? Comments! Contact Barbara.















ANA Scope and Standards Online

Welcome back, College of Nursing faculty, staff and students!

Falvey Library has acquired electronic versions of the following ANA Scope and Standards:

Addictions Nursing

Holistic Nursing

Home Health Nursing

Nursing Informatics

Public Health Nursing

The text is in pdf format and can be downloaded…from anywhere!  Electronic versions of other ANA standards will be acquired as they become available.


Questions welcome at the research cart!


Please let your students know that Robin and Barbara are just waiting for them to drop by and ask us questions.  We’re stationed at ye ol’ research cart in the Driscoll Café  on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 am till 1 pm.  Students are also welcome to stop by our office in Driscoll 343 on those days. And we’re available at Falvey Library Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

No question too trivial or too monumental. Put us to the test!

Videos that take a bite out of students’ APA style problems!

Here are three short videos (about 3 min each) that your students can view (and re-view) whenever they need assistance with common elements of APA 6th Style:

APA Demystified: Citing Journal Articles

APA Demystified: In-Text Citations

APA Demystified: Citing Web Pages, Books, Book Sections

Spread the good word!

Questions?  Need more information?  Contact Barbara


Congratulations to Falvey Scholars!

Congratulations to the following Falvey Scholars chosen from among several worthy College of Nursing candidates!  And congratulations to their faculty mentors!

Katie Kline on “What to Know About Home Genetic-Test Kits.” Mentor: Dr. Theresa Capriotti, DO, MSN, RN, CRNP

Katie investigated the growing use of these kits, which can be purchased at local pharmacies as well as online.  The producers of the kits claim that by sending them a DNA sample (taken from saliva or the inside of the cheek) individuals can receive a report on ancestry/paternity, drug reactions, and susceptibility to genetic diseases. However, the results raise more questions than they answer, and the reliability and confidentiality of the testing are also in doubt.

Elizabeth Long on “Nurses’ Perceptions of Human Trafficking in an Urban Emergency Department: A Qualitative Study.” Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth B. Dowdell, RN, PhD, FAAN

Elizabeth interviewed a small sample of ED nurses at a major teaching hospital in Philadelphia to find out their perceptions of patients who present with injuries and who may possibly be victims of domestic violence or human trafficking.  She found that while ED nurses are very aware of the existence of human trafficking in the region, most do not recognize trafficked patients as such when they come for emergency treatment.


Best wishes to our CON students who will be taking exams soon, and congrats to our soon-to-be graduates!

Need research assistance for yourself or a student?  Contact me.


Public Health: What Do Phila. Mayoral Candidates Have to Say?

phmcPublic Health Management Corporation (PHMC), the city’s leader in public health, is hosting a Mayoral Candidates’ Forum on Thursday, April 16 from 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m., followed by a reception.

In recognition of Public Health Week, PHMC, the region’s public health institute, has invited Anthony Williams, Lynne Abraham, Nelson Diaz, Jim Kenney, Doug Oliver and Milton Street to present their public health plans for Philadelphia. The discussion will center on broadening the definition of public health, the current landscape of public health in the City of Philadelphia, and the challenges and opportunities facing elected officials, government agencies, and nonprofit and private partners to deliver public health services to those in need.

The candidate forum will be held in the Lower Mezzanine Conference Center of PHMC’s new headquarters located at
1500 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102. Seating is limited and will be handled on a first come, first served basis. So be sure to register soon! Registration closes on April 10.

Register here


APA, RefWorks, Zotero workshops –  All are welcome!

Here’s a chance to learn how to use the powerful citation management tools RefWorks and Zotero. With just a couple of clicks, capture references from databases and search engines and then generate a bibliography in the style of your choice. Get subject search help too!
Open to students, faculty, and staff.

Can’t decide between Zotero and RefWorks? Watch this 1-minute video for an intro to both: http://tinyurl.com/refworkszotero

Register by contacting barbara.quintiliano@villanova.edu (or just drop in).

RefWorks workshops:

Thursday, March 19
Monday, Apr. 13

Zotero workshops
Before coming to the session, install Zotero on your Mac or laptop by following these instructions: http://tinyurl.com/installzotero

Thursday, March 12
Tuesday, March 24
Thursday, April 9
Thursday, April 23

APA Demystified

Do your students stress over doing APA-Style bibliographies? Honest, there really is a method to APA’s madness, and it’s more predictable than they may think. Encourage them to come learn the basics of citing all types of documents: books, journal articles, and websites. Bring your laptop or Mac and get ready to show APA who’s boss!

Open to faculty and staff too!.
Register by contacting barbara.quintiliano@villanova.edu (or just drop in).


Tuesday, March 17
Tuesday, March 31
Wednesday, April 8
Tuesday, April 21
Wednesday, April 29

Can’t make any of the sessions listed above? Book an individual session with Barbara.  Click and reserve a time slot: https://barbquin.youcanbook.me/


Data You Can Use…and Reuse



Did you know that Falvey Library subscribes to ICPSR, a resource that is just chock-full of data collected from time series, surveys, polls and other research? Don’t be put off by its name. The Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research contains a wealth of recent and historical data sets in the areas of nursing and medicine. Most can be imported for analysis into SAS, Stata and SPSS. Here are just a few examples:

Health Reform Monitoring Survey, First Quarter 2014 (ICPSR 35614) and  Fourth Quarter 2013 (ICPSR 35621)

National Profile of Local Health Departments, 2013

Text Message Outreach for Complex Patients with Diabetes in Denver, CO, 2011-2012

National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS), 2012 (ICPSR 34968)

Treatment Episode Data Set — Admissions (TEDS-A), 2012 (and past years)

National Home and Hospice Care Survey, 2007 (and past years)

National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, 2008 (and past years to 1992)

Active for Life: Translation of Physical Activity Programs for Mid-Life and Older Adults, 2003-2007

National Longitudinal Survey of Local Public Health Systems, 1998-2006

National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health), 1994-2008

Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Study (CILS), 1991-2006

Maternal Lifestyle Study in Four Sites in the United States, 1993-2011

International studies available too.

To access ICPSR:
Start at the Falvey homepage.
Click Databases A-Z
Choose Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research

For more information: barbara.quintiliano@villanova.edu


Thoughts in Motion

  • Posted by: Barbara Quintiliano
  • Posted Date: December 5, 2014
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We’re so happy that our nursing students feel welcome and comfortable prepping for exams in the “Old” Falvey Lobby Study Space.  Here’s evidence left on the white board of  their thoughts in motion:




We wish CON students the best of success in their finals! Falvey will have extended hours till 3am from Dec. 8 through Dec. 18 (till midnight on Dec.13) to provide students with some extra study space.


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