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New Human Resource Titles

  • Posted by: Linda Hauck
  • Posted Date: November 21, 2011
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These are a sampling of recent additions to our collection on Human Resource Development.  Most of them are ebooks to accommodate students balancing work and school and for those in the distance learning program.

Emerging Themes in International Management of Human Resources






Supervision in Coaching:  Supervision, Ethics and Continuous Professional Development





Human Resource Management in Small Business:  Achieving Peak Performance




Socio-Cultural Impacts of Workplace E-Learning:  Epistemology, Ontology and Pedagogy


Multitasking on Trial

  • Posted by: Linda Hauck
  • Posted Date: November 16, 2011
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We know you do it.  Heck, we do it too.  There is even a host of researchers out there studying and publishing books about it.  The library wants to make it even easier to do…with downloadable audiobooks!

Wouldn’t you like to download an audio book for one of your classes and listen to it while on a long run this evening?  Or how about listening while eating breakfast or driving home for the weekend?  We know that busy graduate students are downloading audio books and “reading” during commutes, because they tell us so.

EBSCOhost one of the library’s vendors is now offering downloadable audio books.  The audio books can be downloaded to your computer and transferred to either your ipod or MP3 player after installing a EBSCOhost download manager application and creating an EBSCOhost account.  Access to the audio file would vary by check out time.  Our trial only includes a few titles, but the titles available via a library subscription would be much expanded.   For instance the business collection includes classic titles such as The Wealth of Nations and recent bestsellers such as Sorkin’s Too Big to Fail or Jeffrey Sach’s End of Poverty Let us know what you think!



Philadelphia Business Journal Trial

  • Posted by: Linda Hauck
  • Posted Date: October 12, 2011
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Think globally, act locally has been used in a wide variety of contexts.  For students and faculty at VSB it could be translated into keeping abreast of business developments in our town and around the world.  Reading the Philadelphia Business Journal ,the WSJ and Financial Times, the other national and international campus wide business papers, may be one way to do just that.  And it may get easier….

We have a month long trial to the Philadelphia Business Journal and  its 39 sister publications from the American City Business Journals.  The Philadelphia Business Journal is the only business paper in our region.   A subscription would provide full text searchable access to 10 years worth of archives, digital replicas of the print publications, and the rankings found in Book of Lists.  At present the library provides access to Regional BusinessNews via EBSCO, but unfortunately bizjournals and are not included there.

Please let me know if you think we should invest in a site license.


Educational Films on Demand Trial

  • Posted by: Linda Hauck
  • Posted Date: October 3, 2011
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Using films in class to present complex issues in a masterful way or to simply spark discussion in a reserved classroom are nothing new.   YouTube and the attendant expansion of availability of  streaming video clips from well respected news outlets have certainly made it easier and less expensive.  But barriers to incorporating multimedia in the class room persist.  Finding well done educational videos can be exceedingly time consuming and many still carry  high price tags.  One 26 minute video recently requested by a faculty member cost over $1000.00!

The  library is offering a trial to a service aimed at addressing the cost and convenience impediments to bringing high quality educational videos to the classroom:  Films on Demand Business & Economics collection.  The high quality videos in this collection cover a range of topics from technology to biography to case studies to globalization, entrepreneurship, advertising, diversity training, business communication and negotiation.  The films are produced by well known British and US educational and news organizations such as The Open University, The BBC, Films for the Humanities & Sciences and Bill Moyers Journal.  Finding relevant videos is as easy as browsing the subject lists or searching by keyword.  Many of the films are brief enough and segmented to facilitate in class viewing.  There are no restrictions on simultaneous views, eliminating bottlenecks to out of class assigned viewing.

Please explore and test the Films on Demand, Business & Economics collection before October 31 and let us know if you think the library should subscribe!


E-Books for Business

  • Posted by: Linda Hauck
  • Posted Date: September 19, 2011
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According to The Economist, “Digitization may have come late to book publishing, but it is transforming the business in short order.” (Business: Great digital expectations; the books business. (2011, Sep 10). The Economist, 400(8750), 69. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/888378749?accountid=14853)

The prices of e-readers are falling, the range of e-readers and tablets on the market is expanding,  the formats for reading digital books has stabalized around PDF and EPUB, while the cost of buying e-books remains in flux.  So where does this leave academic business library collections?  Not on the sidelines, but in the thick of it!

As the availability of scholarly e-books has increased, so has our spending on e-books for economics, management, accounting, marketing, finance and business in general.  While I’ve never embraced the notion that “if it isn’t online it doesn’t exist“, I do recognize that the anywhere, anytime convenience of e-books fits the needs of both VSB undergraduates and MBA candidates.    And now faculty are increasingly asking for digital books!

Most of our e-books are discoverable via the library catalog.  However the catalog only allows searching by metadata items such as author, title, publisher, subject and when available chapter titles.  Since valuable information may only be discoverable in the  full text of e-books, searching in the native interface may be what’s needed.

Business Expert Press download options

The three e-book platforms that allow downloading books to your computer, tablet or reader enabled with a  Adobe Digital Editions application are EBSCOHost e-books, Business Expert Press, and OECD iLibrary.  Business Expert Press books are practical, brief, written by scholars and for undergraduate and graduate students.  To download a book  from a Business Expert Press title, choose InfoTools and Global Express Options.  The entire text is downloadable without any restrictions on how many users can access the title or limitations on duration of use.

Books on the EBSCOHost e-books platform come from a wide range of publishers.  They are the same books you are likely to find in print in books stores or on library shelves.  Some are scholarly and some are professional.  Some can only be read online, but an ever increasing number of them can be downloaded and checkout for up to three days and renewed.  Unless we have purchased a multi-user copy, when an EBSCOHost e-book is downloaded and checked out, it is unavailable to other potential users.  To download a book you need to create an EBSCOHost account and sign in.

EBSCOHost eBook online reading launch and download options

OECD iLibrary includes almost all of the books, articles and annuals published by the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development.  Multiple users can download books simultaneously about topics ranging from agriculture to economics, industry, education, technology, trade, finance, governance, urbanization and taxation.  If you see a PDF, you can simply download it.

Additional business e-book platforms are listed on the Bartley Business Information Center home page under Resources, E-books.





Industry Reports Trials

  • Posted by: Linda Hauck
  • Posted Date: February 9, 2011
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Industry reports come in a bewildering array of  shapes and sizes.  Some industry reports are written primarily for the investor class, others for management strategists and yet others for marketing professionals.  Some reports focus on small enterprises and others on multinationals.  The scope of industry reports vary significantly, with many corresponding to NAICs or SIC codes, others surveying broad industries from a macro perspective and yet others focusing on emerging niches or sectors not easily categorized.  What they all have in common is that they can bring their users up to date fast on the economic, demographic, regulatory and technological impacts on an industry.  The career conscious senior proceeds at her own peril if she chooses not to take advantage of the research and analysis in industry reports before interview season.

The library currently subscribes to the broad scoped S&P Industry Reports in NetAdvantage, Datamonitor,  BMI, and Freedonia reports via ReferenceUSA, BIZMiner especially for small start ups,  and Mintel for consumer goods & services sectors.  One would think these would adequately meet any serious student’s needs, but there are occasions when they don’t.  Hence we are offering campus wide trials for two additional industry report databases:  IBISWorld and Frost & Sullivan.

The library currently has trial access to IBIS World until March 7th.  “IBISWorld’s unrivalled range of industry analysis is available online [on campus] whenever you need it. Whether your company requires a better understanding of market conditions and forecasts; whether you need a clearer picture of a supply chain, or whether you need to keep abreast of competitor activity in your industry, IBISWorld’s comprehensive reports will keep you informed.”

Additionally we have a trial to Frost & Sullivan’s research.  Go to Member Logon and enter email address: user@villanova.edu and password:  password.   “Frost & Sullivan provides in-depth research coverage of these industries: Aerospace & Defense; Automotive & Transportation; Chemicals, Materials and Food; Electronics & Security; Energy & Power Supplies; Environment & Building Technologies; Healthcare; Industrial Automation & Process Control; Information & Communication Technologies; Measurement & Instrumentation.”

Let me know what you think, by taking this very short survey.


Audit Analytics for Accounting Research

  • Posted by: Linda Hauck
  • Posted Date: February 2, 2011
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Audit Analytics has made precise searching of the audit and compliance aspects of SEC filings a reality.  Accounting, finance and management faculty from top rated and international business schools have used Audit Analytics as source data to publish on a wide variety of topics.  A sampling includes evaluations of SOX, auditor fee trends, auditor industry expertise, gender diversity in audit committees, the interplay between restatements and disclosures or consequences and the impact of internal control weaknesses    Now VSB faculty and students have access to this specialized research tool as well!

Audit Analytics data is available for students and faculty on the Accounting and Management Company and Industry pages.  The search interface is characterized by expandable catagories with drop down menus. All searches can be limited by industry, geographic location, market capitalization, revenue and date.   Reports may be downloaded into Excel files.  The Data Dictionary for each search category provides  field definitions and sources the SEC filing types.  WRDS platform access is also available for faculty and graduate students.


Trial for Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands

  • Posted by: Linda Hauck
  • Posted Date: January 10, 2011
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The library is pleased to offer a trial to the digitized version of Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands a standard reference on how to do business in 100 foreign countries.  Each entry includes a map, current time and calendar, brief modern history, and directory of top current leadership.  The business tips sections provide observations on appointments, notions of time, entertaining, and negotiation styles.  The protocol sections give advice on greetings, gestures, gifts and dress.
The cultural orientation sections offer generalizations about national tendencies for information processing, accepting evidence, making decisions, handling anxiety and responding to equality and inequality. If you’re a fan of cultural trivia, you’ll enjoy the brief interactive quizzes for each country!

If your like Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands you will probably appreciate the Falvey Library research guide Doing Business Abroad. The trial runs through February 11, 2011.  Let us know what you think!


Chronicle of Philanthropy Online

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is recognized as the premier trade publication for charitable fund raising.  Falvey Library has had access to the full text of top line articles in the Chronicle via Academic Onefile and Lexis Nexis, but coverage wasn’t complete or timely.  Now, we are pleased to make available access to the Chronicle of Philanthropy Online.

This enhanced version of the Chronicle includes up to the minute news, and podcasts on everything from managing small nonprofits to tips for fund raising on social media platforms.  We now have access to reports of interest to the nonprofit world such as How Americans of Different Generations Give to Charity. Searchable databases on executive compensation, individual donors and corporate giving are available, as is a business services directory and job postings search engine.

Business students consulting for nonprofits, students interested in starting a career in a charitable services organization and professionals with fund raising responsibilities will all find the Chronicle of Philanthropy a useful addition to their toolkit.  Just login to the Chronicle via the library Databases A-Z page and unlock their premium content!


Falvey offers Mango Languages

Business students destined to study abroad in Rome, Madrid or China; Engineering students headed to Honduras or mangoNicaraga for service learning; Nursing students doing practicums in Peru or field experience in Ireland; and Arts and Sciences students studying abroad will all benefit from the library’s new subscription to Mango Languages.  This language learning program is ideal for students studying abroad because it is portable and freely available to Villanova community members with an internet connection (the mobile app is in development).

To take full advantage of  Mango, create a profile.  Working within your profile rather than anonymously allows the program to track your progress.  Each of the 12 languages offered by Mango (Hindi, Italian, Latin American Spanish, German, French, Mandarin, Arabic, Hebrew, Irish, Russian, Portuguese and Japanese)  includes chapters covering greetings, travel, shopping, dining, seeking emergency assistance, and asking questions to expand your vocabulary.  This conversational program covers vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and etiquette.  Visual learners will  appreciate the text based phonetic spellings, while auditory learners will value the voice comparison tool.

Mango Languages is not a substitute for studying a language in-depth, but  is is an ideal way to get started learning a language!  Connect to Mango from the area studies and language Subject Guides or from Databases A-Z.

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