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Reading for the People’s Climate March

  • Posted by: Linda Hauck
  • Posted Date: September 19, 2014
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Heading to the People’s Climate March in NYC on Sunday and need a good read for the trip?  Consider these books about the economic impacts of global warming and how businesses and industries are responding to the challenges posed by climate change.  Here’s just a sample of books in our collection, many available for immediate download to your ipad.

9-19-2014 10-24-14 AM  The economics of climate change and the change of climate in economics by K. Marachel
 9-19-2014 11-59-56 AM  Global warming and the world trading system by G.C. Hufbauer
 9-19-2014 12-29-05 PM  Green collar jobs:  Environmental careers for the 21st Century
 9-19-2014 12-42-14 PM Windfall:  The booming business of global warming by M. Funk
 9-19-2014 12-46-59 PM  Climate change:  What’s your business strategy? by A.J. Hoffman
 9-19-2014 12-50-35 PM  Climate change justice and sustainability linking climate and development policy by O. Edenhofer
 9-19-2014 12-55-16 PM  Carbon coalitions: Business, politics and the rise of emissions trading by J. Meckling


Human Resource Management Online Trial

  • Posted by: Linda Hauck
  • Posted Date: September 2, 2014
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The library is offering trial access to Human Resource Management Online an Alexander Street Press collection of practice-professional9-2-2014 3-16-04 PM oriented material as well as academic works. Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a major contributor to this collection of sample policies, case studies, sample documents and reports.  Topics covered include compensation & benefits, recruitment, training & development, equal opportunity, job analysis & design, health and safety and more.

The trial is running through November 2.  Let us know how you like it!


ValueLine Goes Digital

  • Posted by: Linda Hauck
  • Posted Date: July 30, 2014
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Until now Value Line company reports were only dished up as static pdf documents. No more!  Value Line just released a fully digital site 7-30-2014 11-25-03 AMretaining the best of the old content (and pdfs), while enhancing the user experience.

From the Dashboard landing page you can browse current market commentary or use Quick Links to get Value Line Investment Surveys or the Small and Mid-Cap Report and others. Use the Company Name or Ticker search in the top banner for pulling company reports. The stock screener is below the Find Ideas tab. The Markets tab houses industry analysis and commentary.

This initial release and our academic subscription do have a few limitations.  For example, at present modules not included in our subscription are not masked, so you may encounter locked down content.  The “Quote” button searches the entire web page rather than company reports as would be intuited.  These flaws will be remedied in the near future.  Other bothersome features such as the inability to download data are not on deck for correction.

ValueLine has prepared several nice videos on  site navigation, using the screener and charting functions.  Check them out to learn how to take full advantage of the new digital interface.


Factiva Trial

  • Posted by: Linda Hauck
  • Posted Date: June 9, 2014
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Factiva is a pricey but powerful current news, company, markets and industry information database.  Much of the content is also available in Lexis-Nexis, ABI Inform and Business Source Premier. But by using Factiva you can search the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Financial Times and many others simultaneously. Factiva has built in and customizable news browsing functionality. Whereas Lexis-Nexis, ABI Inform and Business Source Premier’s default is for searching.  The current trial running through July 5 was requested by one of Villanova’s  Assistant Professors of Accounting specializing in financial research.  The top U.S. News & World Report ten best business schools subscribe,  should VSB?

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Graduating from VSB

  • Posted by: Linda Hauck
  • Posted Date: May 21, 2014
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My colleague wrote this side splitting blog about what you’ll miss about Villanova after graduation. It usually takes a little while before you miss easy access to library resources,  but when when you do, here is what you can do:

  • Alumni are eligible for free courtesy borrower cards which enable you to borrow books, enter the library during all open hours (which vary depending on the season), and use most databases on-site only. Unfortunately our license agreements only allow remote access for current students, staff and faculty.
  • To obtain a courtesy borrowers card you will need to complete a Courtesy Card Application (only available in paper at the library front desk) and show identification. Library staff will confirm your alumni status and UNIT will mail the card ( I cannot accurately estimate the time frame for this).
  • Before the card is received, you will be able to use databases in the library by logging in with a public user name and password.
  • By all means, get a public library card!  Most public libraries offer remote access to databases.  Their holdings may not be as scholarly or extensive as what you’ve become used to at Falvey Memorial Library, but you can’t beat the convenience!


Statista Trial

  • Posted by: Linda Hauck
  • Posted Date: May 9, 2014
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5-9-2014 12-19-25 PMGive a new platform for social science & business statistics a test drive. Statista offers an interesting combination of aggregated data and statistics carefully vetted, a current and fresh search interface, data visualization tools, and flexible download options. Content types distinguish this resource from it’s competitors (e-Marketer, Data-Planet and Statistical Insight) in that it also includes industry reports.


Piketty for All!

  • Posted by: Linda Hauck
  • Posted Date: April 30, 2014
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Talk of Thomas Piketty’s book “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” is everywhere. Only time will tell if his ideas are simply enjoying 15 seconds of fame or if they genuinely capture the zeitgeist.4-30-2014 9-49-49 AM

It’s rare for an economist to enjoy such celebrity and even rarer for the library to be able to make books immediately available to all. Well, almost all…  Anyone with an iPad, android tablet or reading device or laptop can borrow a copy of Piketty’s book from the library website.

Before reading you’ll need the Bluefire Reader app (for iPad or Android) or Adobe Digital Editions (for laptops)  and to createa user name and password and sign into EBSCOhost.  E-books on this platform are only compatible with Kindles if you are willing to download individual chapters and are not bothered by heavy text obscuring watermarks.





AtoZdatabases Trial

  • Posted by: Linda Hauck
  • Posted Date: January 2, 2014
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We are running a trial to AtoZdatabases until January 31st. AtoZdatabases provides access to U.S. businesses (both private and public), people and employment leads. You can use it to find information about known companies and individuals or to compile lists conforming to specified parameters. It competes directly with ReferenceUSA. To take advantage of the trial contact linda.hauck@villanova.edu for the user name and password


End the Fall Semester Strong by Getting Ready for Spring

  • Posted by: Linda Hauck
  • Posted Date: December 18, 2013
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End the Fall semester on the right foot by being prepared and organized for your Spring semester classes. If you’re assigning your students a research project however big or small, we offer research support with just the right fit.  E-mail (linda.hauck@villanova.edu) me with your research assignment and time line and I’ll be happy to make a class visit, create an online research guide or schedule a help session.  Don’t forget to arrange online course reserves too!

Online Research Guides

These are perfect for limited, well-defined research projects and for classrooms that can’t accommodate direct research instruction.  In them I list the most valuable information sources your students will need, offer tips or videos on how to best use unusual databases, and advice on how to tackle the research problem.

Class Visit

Class presentations can be as long or as short as you wish.  I make every effort to accommodate classes offered anytime or any where.  They are most efficacious when the students know they have a research project on the immediate horizon.  Topics range from literature reviews  to identifying data sources and secondary market research.

Help Sessions

Help sessions scheduled outside of normal class hours or during class work days are a nice way to reinforce on a one to one basis what was covered in a class visit or communicated in a online research guide.  They are best scheduled at an optimum point of need, typically one week before a due date when students urgently need help.  Past topics have included source evaluation, creating citations and finding missing data.

Spring Reserves and Blackboard Scanning

You may drop off materials at your earliest convenience at the circulation desk or submit an online request by visiting http://library.villanova.edu/about/services/requestforms/resform/ .

For additional reserve guidelines go to http://library.villanova.edu/About/Services/CourseReserves/FacultyGuidelines#Electronic

If you have questions, please contact rebecca.whidden@villanova.edu or call 610-519-3848.

– See more at: http://blog.library.villanova.edu/social-sciences/#sthash.hVP7dbK2.dpuf


New Business Books

  • Posted by: Linda Hauck
  • Posted Date: November 6, 2013
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elevenrings2 Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success

Read Phil Jackson the legendary NBA coach’s memoir.  His story is not only a first person account of historic achievements in NBA history, but also provides intimate insight into how a he relentlessly strove for personal self understanding, built wildly successful teams and motivated difficult personalities to become stellar team players.




Ever feel paralyzed by the prospect of making an important decision, or deeply regret a decision made in haste?  This book if for you, but it is not simply a self help book.  It is a book soundly grounded in social science research made accessible by the authors’ wit and engaging writing style.  Reading this book is a decision you ought not to anguish over.


lean startupThe Lean Startup

Eric Ries the author is a serial entrepreneur, blogger and and Harvard Business School entrepreneur in residence.  In this book he distills what he’s learned about creating new businesses nimbly under typically rapid fire change conditions.  He describes how to adapt efficacious management tools such as minimum viable product, prototyping, feedback loops, and genchi gembutsu, and abandoning poorly suited tools such as traditional business plans.  A great read for all those VSEC competitors out there!

give and takeGive and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success

Adam Grant, Harvard Business School professor and award winning teacher, explores how personality types on a continuum of personal altruism from takers, matchers and givers fair in terms of overall success and in particular arenas such as communication, motivation and collaboration.  Because Grant’s research method is narrative based this is an easy and fun read perfect for when you want to kick back and relax.









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