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OECD Statistics, Books & Periodicals

source_oecd_factbookIf you came to love the free beta SourceOECD with it’s fabulous access to international statistics, books and reports and mourned it’s loss when free access was terminated, have we got good news for you!  Falvey Memorial Library has been able to subscribe to the full compliment of SourceOECD resources.

OECDStat (the statistical component) is an interactive database of comparable international data on everything from aid to welfare.  Both OECD and non-OECD country data are often included.  The time series data are customizable and downloadable to Excel or text files for statistical packages. This resource is ideal for students working on theses and faculty research with global comparative components.

Over two dozen periodicals published by the OECD are available in full text.  Many of these periodicals are indexed elsewhere in article databases such as EconLit, ABI Inform, and PAIS International.  The are also discoverable from our catalog or E-Journals by Title.

All of the books and working papers published by the OECD since 1998 are also included in our subscription.  Students of geography, public policy and economics will find a wealth of information and analysis here.  OECD country studies cover everything from taxation to social issues, technology and industry.  Stand alone comparitive studies on controversial topics such as health care delivery, migration policy, genetic testing, work and family life balance, educational finance policy, corporate social responsibility and urban redevelopment to name a few will be helpful for persuasive papers and presentations. The thousands of  OECD books included in the collection can not be found in our catalog, there are only available via the SourceOECD database.

We’re hoping that this resource will become a favorite for freshmen and seasoned researchers alike.  SourceOECD is available in it’s entirety via Databases A-Z, and select Subject pages.   Let us know what you think!


Datamonitor Reports Have New Homes

Datamonitor company and industry reports have always been popular with marketing and management undergraduates.  They provide business and industry descriptions, list key competitors and offer SWOT analysis.  Up until recently we could access Datamonitor reports in one place, MarketLine.  We’ve lost the convenience of a single point of access to free up funding for other needed resources to support the redesigned curriculum.

Now company reports by Datamonitor can be found by searching the Datamonitor link on the Databases by Title page or under the Company & Industry tabs on many of the business subject pages.  Getting to the Datamonitor industry reports takes a few more clicks.  From ReferenceUSA (available also on Databases by Title page and Company & Indusry tabs on business subject pages) link to international businesses and then browse or search the Industry tab.  Datamonitor reports will be found under the market reports catagory.


Debate on Role of Business School

  • Posted by: Linda Hauck
  • Posted Date: June 2, 2009
  • Filed Under: Blogroll

Business Week published an interesting editorial by  Gianpiero Petriglieri and Jennifer Petriglieri arguing  against a technocratic  curriculum and for a humanistic program of study balancing skills acquisition with philosophical inquiry and personal reflection.  Sound’s alot like VSB’s redesigned curriculum with an emphasis on exploring the global contextual purpose of business.

This  URL will take you to the BW editorial:




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