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Global Financial Data Back Online

Global Financial Data was not working from off campus last week due to some changes the vendor made to their servers.  The problem has been resolved and access restored.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


ReferenceUSA Trial

When the renewals for Ward’s Business Directory and Hoover’s Handbooks of [Emerging, Private, World and American] Companies came around this Spring, I had to decline.   The print editions just aren’t getting enough usage to justify the price.  As a consequence, the library is looking to round out its online access to quality US and global business information. Let us know what you think of one of the top contenders, ReferenceUSA.

We have an extended trial to ReferenceUSA an outstanding source for US public and private businesses.  Their enhanced records are verified by phone and include credit score, proximate businesses, estimated sales and expenses and public filings.  OneSource, their global company directory, offers much, much, more then a online company database.  It supports ranking by sales, assets, employees and market value.  It has one of the easiest interfaces I’ve encountered for searching by SIC, NAIC or local controlled vocabulary.  And a feature, I’m sure students will love is the quick and simple aggregation of industry reports from Datamonitor, Business Monitor International, Freedonia, and STAT-USA all in one place.

You can access ReferenceUSA from the Marketing, Managment, Accounting and Finance pages in the Company and Industry Tabs.  Let me know what you think.


Morningstar Isn’t Just Mutual Funds

  • Posted by: Linda Hauck
  • Posted Date: March 3, 2009
  • Filed Under: Blogroll

When I hear Morningstar, I think mutual funds.  Morningstar is best known for mutual fund ratings, but their online service offers much more than this.  My colleague, Merrill Stein, and I recently participated in one of their webinars.  We had both been using Morningstar primarily for mutual fund and public company screening and financial analysis.  In the course of the webinar, we both learned that Morningstar offers a cool tool for portfolio management called the Portfolio X-Ray which provides analysis of fees & expenses, sector allocation, stock type, ratios, and stock intersection for funds held. The Help & Education tab offers substantive courses with interactive quizzes on investing.  If you’d like to learn more about Morningstar’s Investment Research Center, sign up for their next live patron web training scheduled for April 29th at 4pm by emailing from the Help & Education tab.

Morningstar is available to Villanova community members from the library Databases by Title Page and business subject pages under the Company & Industry tabs.



Last Modified: March 3, 2009