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CfP: The Status of Minorities in Philosophy (1/22/12)

Objective: Our aim is to address epistemological issues of theory and practice that arise around under-represented groups (related to cultural or linguistic back-ground, class, disability, gender, queerness, race) in the various branches of philosophical inquiry. The latter will be broadly understood to include areas such as philosophy of language, ethics, political philosophy, metaphysics of social groups, phenomenology, the history of philosophy, and so forth.

Conference: In addition to the keynote speakers, the weekend will feature student (graduate or undergraduate) paper presentations on the theoretical side of the above theme (some examples of areas might include standpoint theory, objectivity, hermeneutics). All student presenters will be limited to twenty (20) minutes per presentation, which will then be followed by a short question and answer period.

Workshop: The event will also include a workshop portion of the weekend devoted to developing the practical side of the conference themes (e.g. implicit bias, stereotype threat, strategies for addressing problems faced by minorities in Philosophy) by providing a forum for more sustained conversation and engagement.

We invite quality graduate and undergraduate papers that address the themes of the conference; the problem of the under-representation of groups in philosophy or the implications status of minorities in the profession more broadly. Papers in both “analytic” and “continental” traditions are welcome. Papers in French are welcome.

Submission Guidelines  
Student presentations will not exceed twenty (20) minutes in length, followed by a question and answer period. Therefore, papers should not (grossly) exceed 3,500 words (not including footnotes). Submissions must include the following: an abstract of up to 300 words, paper title, school affiliation, and the author’s current status. The paper should be prepared for an anonymous review process (remove any information that can identify you from the paper).

The same author(s) may submit up to two papers for consideration. Papers that contain previously published materials should be identified as such.

Please send submissions and questions to:   concordia.mcgill.2012@gmail.com
Submission Deadline:  January 22nd, 2012

Applicants will be contact with final decisions by February 25, 2012.


Personalized Research Portfolios? We've Got That!

You’ve just spent a half-hour or more creating and perfecting a search strategy in one of the library’s specialized databases. After trying out different keywords and perhaps even consulting the database thesaurus, your results are now right on target. If this is a topic you intend to pursue over time, why not save that search strategy so that you don’t have to go hunting for keywords all over again? Many of Falvey’s subject-specific databases provide a customizable online portfolio where you can store search strategies and results and even create automated search alerts.

Here’s an example of My EBSCOhost, the valuable, time-saving portfolio available for databases such as America: History & Life, Catholic Periodical & Literature Index, CINAHL with Full Text, Communication & Mass Media Complete and Historical Abstracts. Access all of these databases at the Falvey homepage under Databases A-Z.

I consulted the CINAHL thesaurus to find precise keywords for my nursing topic: how to manage the diet of patients with type 2 diabetes. Then I limited my results to English-language articles from peer-reviewed journals.



Middlebury College Dissertation Fellowship (1/18/12)

Middlebury College invites applications for a dissertation fellowship for the academic year 2012-13. We are seeking graduate students with a clear commitment and ability to advance educational diversity, either through the nature of their scholarly work, or through their ability to model success in fields where their own backgrounds and experiences may be underrepresented.

Fellows will receive mentorship from faculty committed to excellence in scholarship and in undergraduate education. Fellows will be hosted by an appropriate department or program, and will be expected to teach one one-semester course. Fellows may apply to extend their affiliation with Middlebury to a second year. The annual stipend for the position is $30,000. Ph.D. candidates must have completed all doctoral work except the dissertation by the end of the current academic year.

Applicants must be U.S. citizens, U.S. Legal Permanent Residents or otherwise authorized to work in the U.S. (e.g., non-U.S. citizen Ph.D. students would need to have employment authorization from their home institution that will allow them to receive a stipend from Middlebury College).

Middlebury College is using Interfolio to collect all application materials. Email and paper applications will not be accepted.  The application deadline is January 18, 2012.  Through Interfolio, please submit the following: C.V., three confidential letters of recommendation, one of which must be from your dissertation advisor, dissertation abstract, one-page [approximately 250 words]
work plan for completion of dissertation, personal statement, and official graduate transcripts. More information can be found at http://www.interfolio.com/apply/3148

Middlebury College is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to recruiting a diverse faculty to complement its increasingly diverse student body.

For more information, please go to: http://www.middlebury.edu/academics/administration/employment/diss_fellows


Postdocs Brussels Free U (1/7/12)

Postdoc and Doctoral Scholarship at the Leo Apostel Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

The Leo Apostel Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies (Brussels Free
University, Belgium) offers the possibility of Postdoctoral positions or PhD
scholarships in a broad range of research fields including philosophy of
science and technology and science and technology studies. More information
is to be found on the web page http://www.vub.ac.be/CLEA/apply/call.
Application deadline 07 Jan 2012.


Maddie Horvath & Amie Ha Recognized for Library Service

The Library is proud to recognize two of our finest student employees. A junior from Boothwyn, Pa., Madeline (Maddie) Horvath, was selected as the student employee of the month for her exemplary service during October. We also recognize Amie Ha for outstanding library service as student employee of the month in November.

Maddie Horvath

Maddie started her library career in August 2009, her freshman year. Phylis Wright, manager of access desk services, says, “Maddie is a student whose quiet nature speaks volumes. Her attention to detail allows the full-time staff the confidence to work seamlessly. She is focused and talented: just all around wonderful!”

Maddie is a communication major with a public relations specialization. She plans to pursue a career in social media consulting. Social media is also her hobby.

She is captain of the Villanova Twirlers, a group which performs with the Villanova Band at football and basketball games. The Twirlers also performed for the 2011 Special Olympics Pennsylvania Fall Festival on campus.

Joanne Quinn, Falvey’s design specialist, created a caricature of Maddie, which is displayed on the pillar behind the library service counter. Check it out!


Amie Ha

Phylis Wright, access services desk manager, announced that Amie Ha is the Falvey student employee of the month, based on her dependable service in November. Wright says, “Amie is a dedicated student employee who has covered many shifts. Her willingness to give up her free time has allowed her fellow students to complete their required assignments and [has] given the staff the added security of knowing the open shifts will be covered by a seasoned assistant. She is pleasant and punctual, two wonderful qualities.”

Amie, a sophomore art history major, is from New York City. Her hobbies are varied: traveling, writing, doodling and listening to creative music. Ha states, “I appreciate beautiful architecture, swanky poetry and good comedy.”

Joanne Quinn, Falvey’s design specialist, will create a caricature of Amie Ha, which will be displayed on the pillar behind the main service desk.

The University Staff Council at Falvey selects a student employee of the month based upon nominations from the departmental student supervisors.

Contributed by Alice Bampton and Gerald Dierkes; photos by Alice Bampton


Chaos Unveiled: New Exhibit on the Origins of Villanova University

Posted for: Karla Irwin, Villanova University.

When I was presented with the opportunity to curate an online exhibition as the Fall 2011 Digital Library Intern I jumped at the chance. Through the course of my internship I had grown more familiar with the wealth of materials in the Digital Library and I was eager to explore one area in particular: materials related to rioting that occurred in Philadelphia in 1844. Before seeing the items I knew nothing about the riots which was surprising to me because I had grown up in the area and lived in Philadelphia for a number of years. After conducting a little more research I was amazed at the history of the riots and wondered how many people in the area were like me and unaware that the riots had happened. I thought the story of the riots were an important one to share and now it is my pleasure to present to you Chaos in the Streets: The Philadelphia Riots of 1844.

Philadelphia in 1844 was a hotbed of religious and ethnic prejudice, most notably toward Catholics and the Irish. This was representative of a national sentiment and the exhibition looks at a group called the Nativists, who later became the Know Nothing Party, and their role in the rioting. In May and July of 1844 these issues came to a breaking point and the city of Philadelphia saw some of its most violent days in her history. The riots would ultimately have many lasting effects and it can be said that the Philadelphia you see today is partially a result of those violent days.

The Digital Library provides access to quite a large collection relating to the riots including a collection of letters from Morton McMichael who was the sheriff at the time. His letters and personal journal provide a first-hand account of what it was to be like on the streets of Philadelphia in the mid 1840’s. Only a small portion of his entire collection is utilized in the exhibit and so I recommend taking a longer look at the letters as they offer a fascinating window into policing in Philadelphia during that time.

There was no shortage of interesting material on the riots but one aspect that proved especially dramatic to me was the role the Catholic Churches had in the rioting, particularly St. Augustine’s Church. I had visited the church many years ago in the Old City section of Philadelphia and walked by it countless times. What I did not know is that the St. Augustine’s I saw today was rebuilt from the one that had burned down during the rioting. Sadly, along with the burning of the church, a library containing an invaluable collection of theological materials was also destroyed. Imagine my amazement when I found out some of the books from that library ended up in Special Collections in Falvey Library! You will find in the exhibition how the Augustinian community in Philadelphia put major roots down in both center city Philadelphia and, of course, Villanova University. I hope you find the connection, and how it relates to the riots, as interesting as I do.

Finally, I would like to thank Michael Foight and Laura Bang for their valuable guidance, Joanne Quinn for the graphics, Susan Connor, Susan Ottignon, and Chelsea Payne for their informative transcription work, and David Lacy for his work on technical details. Without them the exhibition would never have come to fruition.


Interview Prepping

Here are some helpful comments by Wesleyan’s Clarie Potter, who blogs as Tenured Radical at the Chronicle of Higher Education:

Receiving the call

Skype interviews

Prepping for the convention interview

Prepping for interview questions

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Prose to Panels: Graphic Novel Exhibit

When asked about this year’s graphic novel “Prose to Panel” exhibit, Alexandra Edwards, a graduate student in the English department and a graduate assistant to the library’s Outreach and Communication teams, told us of her work with other library staff, Laura Hutelmyer and Joanne Quinn, on the Graphic Novels in the Digital Age event and how the exhibit was “inspired by panelist Josh Levitas’s work on a graphic novel adaptation of James Joyce’s Ulysses.”

The exhibit included items that were carefully selected by Edwards and Hutelmyer for the library collection. Works like Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales and Darwin’s The Origin of Species and other graphic novel adaptations of classic literature were added to the library’s collection. Quinn created visuals for the display by scanning pages from the original books and pairing them with images from their graphic novel counterparts.

“I believe that graphic novel adaptations are worthy of consideration, not only as another entry point into classic texts, but as an artistic genre in their own right. How do artists and adaptation writers decide what texts to adapt, and what to include or cut out? How do they choose the art style to accompany the text? Are some adaptations more successful than others, and why? These are the questions we wanted to pose by putting this display together,” said Edwards.

The display will remain on the first floor until the end of the semester. As always, we welcome comments and also suggestions from library patrons for graphic novel titles to add to our collection.

Photos by Luisa Cywinski


New Books in Communication

Here are this month’s highlights for new books of special interest to communication faculty and staff. Browse the list below or go to the full list.

Affective narratology: The emotional structure of stories
by Patrick Colm Hogan
University of Nebraska Press

American documentary film: Projecting the nation
by Jeffrey Geiger
Edinburgh University Press

Organizational change: Creating change through strategic communication
by Laurie K. Lewis
Online version
Reading YouTube: The critical viewers guide
by Anandam Kavoori
Peter Lang

Reputation management: The key to successful public relations and corporate communication
by John Doorley and Helio Fred Garcia
Routledge, 2011
Online version


Postdocs in Germany (1/31/12)

Volkswagen Foundation, Hannover, 01.09.2012-31.08.2013
Bewerbungsschluss: 31.01.2012

The Post-doctoral Fellowships at German Universities and Research
Institutes are provided by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the
Volkswagen Foundation in close cooperation with the Freiburg Institute
for Advanced Studies, the Berliner Zentrum Moderner Orient, the National
Museums in Berlin, the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, the
Lichtenberg-Kolleg in Göttingen, the German National Library in
Frankfurt, the Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel, the German
Archive of Literature in Marbach, and the Center of Excellence in
Konstanz. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation will fund up to 12 American
post-docs in the humanities spending a year at academic institutions in

The fellowships are granted for 9 – 12 months and aim at supporting
post-doctoral studies at the above-mentioned universities and institutes
as well as at universities or research institutes of the candidate’s

The respective target group are promising young scholars in their
post-doctoral research phase based at American institutions who want to
strengthen their research capacity in a specific field of the humanities
which can be expected to have a strong impact on their individual
research profile and expertise. Scholars who work in an
interdisciplinary field are especially encouraged to apply. The
applicants should have finished their Ph. D. between one and no more
than five years ago. Candidates who apply for a fellowship at an
institution not listed above will have to provide a letter by the
institution of their choice stating that it will support the candidate’s
application and host the person during the respective academy year.

Applications must be submitted via the electronic application system.
The deadline is January 31, 2012.



Dr. Almut Steinbach

Kastanienallee 35
30519 Hannover – Germany



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